Marriage Referendum: Ger Brennan, Irish footballer

The Dublin Gaelic Games star is one of the few Irish sportsmen to speak out against same-sex marriage. He said he had concerns about gay married couples raising children.

“It would have been easier to keep my mouth shut and not rock the boat. I know I’m not homophobic; my gay friends and family can attest to that.

“I am voting ‘No’ because I don’t want our constitution to deny that it is a good thing for a child to have a mother and a father.”

“…this isn’t a referendum on whether we like gay people or whether they should be equal citizens according to the Constitution. They already are equal citizens. Article 40.1, which deals with equality, declares that all citizens shall be held equal before the law. We are not being asked to amend Article 40. We are instead being asked to amend Article 41, which deals with the family and with marriage.”

“The Universal Declaration on Human Rights proclaims that everybody is equal in dignity and it holds that marriage is a male-female union. I don’t think the Declaration of Human Rights is homophobic. I’m voting ‘No’.”

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