St George”s Bicentenary – Second Annual Lecture

The second Annual Lecture to mark the bicentenary celebrations of St George’s Parish Church, High Street, Belfast, will take place on Friday 24 April 2015 at 7.30pm at St George’s.

The lecture will be delivered by Lord Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury who is currently Master of Magdelene College, Cambridge, and will be followed by a discussion chaired by the Revd Dr Bert Tosh, former senior producer of religion with BBC NI.

The title of the lecture is ‘Fundamentalism, Christian and non–Christian’.

Lord Williams has explained his choice of this topic as follows:

We hear a great deal about fundamentalism these days. The word is often used just to mean extreme religious conservatism; but it is a more complex idea and this lecture will attempt to discuss something of its history within Christian thinking and whether it can apply outside this framework. I’ll be suggesting that one of the strange things about this apparently ultra–conservative trend is that its origins are in a thoroughly modern frame of thought. We may need to think of the opposite of fundamentalism not as ‘modernism’ or ‘liberalism’ or ‘moderate faith’, but as various forms of thoughtful traditionalism.”

The lecture is not ticketed and is open …read more

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