Discovering the possibilities at the Spring EVENT

By karen

Fun at the EVENT in Ballymena on March 20.

Fun at the EVENT in Ballymena on March 20.

By Gillian Millar (Ahoghill and Portglenone)

St Patrick’s Ballymena was the venue for the Spring EVENT for all young people from across Connor Diocese. And what a fantastic evening it turned out to be!

As youth groups poured in through the doors they were greeted with popcorn (always a hit!) and a very warm welcome. It’s always wonderful to see friends from across the diocese we rarely get to meet up with. There was quite a hubbub of noise and excited conversation.

The EVENT began with an exuberant welcome and challenging game of Ninjas. It is a real pity that so many of us lack coordination! Aarron Boyce, aka Ed Sheeran, led worship, aided by a wonderful band. The worship was celebratory and engaging and helped to set the tone of the evening really well.

The evening saw the launch of the Engage Connor Youth Streetreach Project. We watched a fantastic video on the whys and hows of Streetreach, we would certainly say we felt challenged to get involved. The quietest young lad in our group said he would love to help, so if you are over 16 get …read more

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