“Heart Warming And Humbling” – How Black Santa Makes A Difference

Assistance dogs

A charity training dogs to literally transform people’s lives is one of almost 200 to be awarded a share of money raised by the annual Black Santa Sitout at Belfast Cathedral.

Almost £180,000 will be distributed at the Good Samaritans’ Service in St Anne’s on Sunday 1 February at 3.30pm with special guest Songs of Praise presenter Claire McCollum.

The recipients range from small charities, run by a handful of volunteers, to national charities who need every penny to help the people who rely on them here in Northern Ireland. They include charities working with children and the elderly, charities specialising in music, in sport and arts, charities whose support is a lifeline in deprived communities, charities who strive to find cures and comforts, and charities who work overseas.

Assistance Dogs NI will use its grant to buy equipment for five pups currently in training for a role which will transform life for a child with autism or someone with a disability. The dogs’ skills include loading a washing machine, switching lights on and off, and providing a ‘safety anchor’ for children.

The dogs help promote independence. They address challenging behaviour, help children to express their emotions, and give people a reason to go …read more

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