Belfast Cathedral Library Catalogue Now Online

St Anne's Belfast

A catalogue listing books ancient, rare and modern kept in the library of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, is now available online.

Last summer, two interns from Queen’s University spent several weeks working in the library cataloguing every book in the collection.

Their work can now be downloaded from the Cathedral website, allowing anyone searching for an old or rare theological book to check the library’s collection with just the click of a mouse.

The book can then be easily located in the library which is open to visitors daily, but it is advisable to ring ahead is it is sometimes booked by groups.

When the Queen’s interns arrived in July, they found the books had already been placed in categories, and they set about listing them on a spreadsheet including as much information as possible – the author, the title and the ISBN number, although many of the books are much too old to have one.

Belfast Cathedral libraryIntern Gemma Kernohan said she had found most of the books to be in very good condition. ‘This library is a great resource, especially for theology students, but there are plenty of general books which the public would find interesting. It is …read more

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