Evangelism in The Philippines

photo 2(1)A load of paper arriving – altogether we received 48 tonnes of paper during the month.

Dear Friend,  In the book of Romans chapter 15 the Apostle Paul rejoices in the fact that the Gospel is for both Jews and Gentiles.  The Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the way of salvation is to be proclaimed in every nation.  One of Paul’s desires was to preach Christ to those who had never heard.   In Romans 15: 19, 20 he says: “… I have fully preached the gospel of Christ. Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, …”
This desire is one that we in Revival Movement have.  How wonderful that, as the literature is distributed across the world, many are hearing of Christ – some for the very first time.  Thank you each one as you stand with us in this very important mission.
On the 1st October we sent 75,000 Gospel leaflets to Stephen Harper for his work in Malawi.
On the 7th October and the 23rd October we shipped two containers of literature to Bible Mission.  This literature is for the One-to-Ten Project and is in a mixture of languages for Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.
On the 9th October we shipped a container of Gospels of John and Gospel booklets for our friends in India Bible Literature.  At this time we are receiving large requests from India Every Home Crusade for literature in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.
On the 14th October we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of literature for Child Evangelism Fellowship.  In this container we included 100,000 of each of the Wonder Devotional booklets, volumes 1 to 3, in the Kirundi language.  We were also able to include some “Meet the King” and Bible flashcards.
On Thursday the 30th October we shipped a container to Children’s Vision in Colombia.  In this container we have included 2 million Gospel tracts, 150,000 Spanish Gospels of John and 150,000 “Pardon for Sin and Assurance of Peace with God” booklets. Also included is over 200,000 Scripture booklets “The Way of Salvation” and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ the Light of the World” – all in the Spanish language.  Macau Unloading 2
Left – A container unloading in Macau on the 16th October.
Below – A container being unloaded in the Philippines on 28th October.
“Dear Brother Samuel, We are honoured with our partnership with Revival Movement Association.  The Gospel literature you have provided “Sowers” help us reach more souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.  In August “Sowers of the Word” launched “First Harvest” week.  The objective of the event was to distribute spiritual literature, Bibles, books and teaching materials which could be used in sharing the Word of God to enable more to come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  By the Grace of God many churches and lay organisations responded positively to our invitation to come to attend. The following are reports from some of the different churches and organisations with whom we helped to supply literature.IMG_0948
The vision Isaiah 58 –  One of their regular outreaches is to Jose Fabella hospital.  They were able to share the Gospel to 80 to 150 mothers each month and give them gifts from the threads of love to warm the hearts of mothers.  Most of them are women who are expecting.  During prayer times, counselling and sharing the Word of God their eyes are opened which paved the way for them to trust and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour.  Through the Gospel of John many mother’s hope has been rekindled in their lives.
The “Jesus is Lord” Church in Bulacan is so thankful to God for the lives of people behind “Sowers of the Word” Ministries Inc and donors for the free Gospel tracts and other literature which became very helpful in their school and community evangelism.  Such literature is vital in their weekly witnessing and sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ wherein the church mission is to bring all people to the Kingdom of the living God – regardless of race, nationality, and belief through the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Recently one of their outreaches was conducted at a College of Arts and Technology when they were able to distribute Gospels of John to 117 students. They also conduct community evangelism with feeding programmes for children and adults.  GodsWord
“Life Christian” Church in Binangonan held a Gospel tract distribution during August and September.  The church distributed 1,000 tracts and 760 Tagalog Gospels of John.  They were able to share Gospels of John to almost 350 children and praise God 100 children accepted Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and personal Saviour.  The children have started attending Sunday school services.  The youth and adult ministry also conducted evangelism and 25 adults and 20 youths accepted Jesus Christ.  The Church have benefited in the distribution of the tracts and spiritual literature and are thanking God for using Revival Movement Association and “Sowers” for their effort in fulfilling the Great Commission of spreading the Word of God.  Tipolo, Garcia Hernandez, Bohol
Last September “Sowers of the Word” Ministries distributed 2,000 Gospels of John to the victims of Typhoon Mario.  We were also given an opportunity to distribute Gospels of John and Gospel tracts to almost 10,000 people attending a “Saved festival concert” on the 11th of October.  May His Grace and blessing continue to flow through you.  James Tioco.Train
The following is a report which Mr Philip Johnston (right) sent to CEF, the Philippines, to thank them for the literature that he received from them:
Many thanks for sending children’s Bible materials to Bohol and the Cebuano speaking people.  We gave a pack of literature to a school principal in Danao.  She loves the Lord and will start a Saturday feeding programme and use the materials to minister the Gospel.  Here are the lady’s words – “We are really grateful and blessed to have this material, the Bible flashcard lesson about our Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you more and more.  Thank you so much.”
A portion of these booklets will be going to CDO (approx. 5 hours away by bus and fast ferry) where we will have 2 separate Day Trainings for a total of 200 Pastors/leaders, in how to effectively use Gospel literature.
Last weekend, Oct 17 – 20 we ministered in Tuburan, north Cebu.  Monday morning was Training with 26 Pastors and leaders, representing 16 churches in four neighbouring towns.
Testimony – Pastor Aljin was praying for a long time for Children’s materials.  He reaches 100 children every week, he said “I will laminate the flash cards so they will last a long time”.
Others were thankful for the very nice clear message of the Gospel, so colourful and such good quality.
Just this week, I began to lead the Bible study in our girls school  for parents and yaya’s/nanny’s.  We will cover the Seven Steps to Knowing God from the Gospel of John from now until Christmas.  Armed with my English copy, Geneva our faithful interpreter makes it clear in the Cebuano language.
Another principal wrote – “Thank you very much for your wonderful gift to the teachers and pupils.  Rest assured this will be utilized to our school-aged pupils.  God bless you all.”
This week, having been invited to a local pastors’ gathering in Bohol, we trained the pastors for one hour on effective use of the materials including the Gospel of John.  One pastor took 300 copies of the “Meet the King” booklet for their weekly project in reaching 300 children during Saturday and Sunday.esec2
Here are selected comments – “Thank you so much for very nice quality materials.” “The “Meet the King” booklet is timely coming up to Christmas to share the Christmas message.” “The very clear easy to understand materials are just what we needed for our children.” “The basic doctrine Bible flashcards are very good for our children – we can use the visual aids for all ages.” … Philip Johnston.
The following are some short reports from “Every Home for Christ” workers in different African countries:
“We had a fruitful month with seven churches participating in Gaborone, Lobatse and Maun outreaches – totally 65 volunteers from these local churches participated in home to home literature distribution.  Praise God we were able to reach a total of 9,878 homes during September – resulting in 1,023 responding positively to the Gospel.” … Tanga Chwora, EHC, Botswana.
“The greater proportion of adults in the Tsara Acts Ibas location are given to alcoholism.  Our outreach team visited this location to preach the Gospel and to distribute literature to them.  The efforts were fruitful as indicated by the peoples’ positive response to the Gospel message.
People in Tsara Acts Ibas are so open to the Gospel.  Most of the people promised to commit to some Christ-group meetings.  Praise God that our workers were able to share the Gospel to 511 homes, resulting in 7 people surrendering their lives to Christ.”  … Douglas Mudimba, Namibia 068(1)Meet the King booklets distributed to children in Ghana.

“The literature received from Revival Movement Association is very helpful in leading people to the Lord.  The ‘Seven Steps to Knowing God’ is extremely helpful in order to lead people to know the Lord.  This partnership is very fruitful.”  … Nicholas Mulea, Kenya.
(He sent a photo of key leaders that were trained in evangelism and discipleship and then mobilized and equipped to reach their communities with the Gospel. Below)RMA literature distribution to trainees
Testimony from CEF Estonia, “Mae, a 17 year old girl, started Mailbox club 8 years ago.  She and her brothers and sisters were also in the children’s home in South East Estonia.  All of them have been through Mailbox club.  Just a few months ago I sent her “God Cares for You”.  Two months ago we received a letter along with the lesson.  It was a ‘goodbye’ letter.  She said to me personally ‘goodbye’, thanked me for the care and all the nice words and stickers and encouragement and that she had decided to commit suicide that same day.
After reading the letter I made a call to the children’s home and asked the lady who answered the phone about Mae.  She said the girl was crying and had gone to the forest.  I asked her to run and find her quickly.  071I didn’t have time to explain who I am and what has happened! We exchanged phone numbers and off she went.  She found her in the forest behind the school house in time.  Mae came back with her and called me.  We talked for two and a half hours.  Not all of her problems are solved yet, but she is back to more or less a routine.  We communicate often and I have found local helpers as well.  She prays and trusts that God will help her.  Mae finds it hard to believe that she is wonderfully created by God and cannot love herself.  Thank you for writing these lessons and printing them in Estonia.  Those lessons have helped to preserve the life of one precious girl.
Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide us with all of the necessary finance, to cover the cost of 5 Tonnes of paper per working day, the shipping costs, postage and all of the running costs for the factory, not forgetting the needs of our staff.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams                   Clive Allen

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