Presidential Address Of The Archbishop Of Dublin, The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson At Dublin And Glendalough Diocesan Synods In Taney Parish Centre, Dublin

Archbishop Michael Jackson

“… giving an account of the faith that is in me …
sowing and spreading the seeds of the Spirit”

The people of Dublin and Glendalough have been called to give an account of their faith. In his Synod address, delivered during a service of Holy Communion in Christ Church, Taney, this afternoon (21 October) Archbishop Michael Jackson said that in a time when the name of God was being used as justification for atrocities, people of faith should not be afraid to talk about God.

The Archbishop said that it had become embarrassing to talk about God in polite society. But he said the name of God was being invoked right across the cradle and the crucible of religion itself in the Middle and the Near East as a distortion of a noble tradition. Inappropriate talk of God was being used to offer justification for barbaric crimes against humanity and this should awaken us to how precious religion and faith are.

“While politicians across the Northern Hemisphere have spent months weighing up the damage to their chances of re–election which would be occasioned by any direct intervention, whether political or military: schoolgirls were being abducted and joining the disappeared in Nigeria; …read more

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