How to Defeat a Giant

By Erich Fischer

This Sunday, 6th of July, we are going to look at the story of David and Goliath from 1 Samuel 17. It is a story that has fascinated me since my early childhood. I love the beauty of the fact that this complete underdog, the nobody, the shepherd boy David has the audacity to fight this well trained giant warrior. He doesn’t fight him with conventional methods, he opts for a sling with a stone – and he brings this giant down. He refused to accept as inevitable what all the others around him had accepted. He dared to look at the situation with eyes of faith in the living God instead of being intimidated by the natural superiority of Goliath. This story has been used by God through the centuries to inspire courage and faith in his people, showing that nothing is impossible if we put our trust in him and dare to face the giants of our lives. Are you facing a giant in your life at the moment? You can learn from David how to defeat him in the name of the Lord. It is my heart’s desire and my prayer that you will be inspired …read more

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