Offices available for hire in Contemporary Christianity offices in Belfast city centre.

Address: Third Floor, 21 Ormeau Avenue, BELFAST, BT2 8HD

CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIANITY has some office accommodation within its unit available to rent to a charitable organisation looking for a city centre office. The 0rganisation/person renting this office should be happy to work in a unit which is used for charitable religious purposes.

The 0ffice is 89 square feet (10.5ft by 8.5ft) which is internal with glazed panels providing natural light.

Contemporary Christianity is serviced by volunteer staff and the office is not occupied for full normal office hours. We already share our accommodation with HealthLink 360. The unit has wi-fi and there is an option to have linked printing and photocopier services. The renter of this office would have the right to book the main meeting area within the Contemporary Christianity unit.

There is use of shared services on the floor male and female toilets and equipped kitchen facilities.

For terms and further information please contact Stephen Adams, Admin Volunteer for Contemporary Christianity.

Email: Phone: 92699079

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