Bishop Pat Storey addresses 1916 Commemoration Mass at Arbour Hill

Bishop Pat Storey

The Bishop of Meath and Kildare (pictured right) has highlighted the vital importance of how we conduct this decade of historic commemorations because ‘history is not simply what happened, but the way what happened is remembered’. Bishop Pat Storey was speaker at the Annual 1916 Commemoration Ceremony on May 6, at the Church of the Most Sacred Heart in Arbour Hill, Dublin.

In her address she commended the ‘courageous and generous decision’ to invite ‘a female, Northern Protestant to speak at a Catholic, Republican commemoration’.

Bishop Storey spoke of this time of commemorations being an opportunity for ‘not only remembering the past but creating and shaping the future’. In remembering lives lost she spoke of commemoration being a time for three things in Ireland.

She talked of how reflecting on our history was a time for mending our broken and wounded relationships. She said, ‘… if Ireland is about anything, it is about relationships … yet how often we have specialized in welcoming the tourist and the outsider, and deeply wounded one another’.

She also said it was a time for generosity, saying ‘… (1916) is not a part of my story. But I want, and I need, to try to understand it. I …read more

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