The ‘Meet Jesus’ Course at Lisburn Cathedral

By karen

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Lisburn Cathedral is running a course called Meet Jesus on five consecutive Sundays from May 10 to June 7.

Each night the course examines a different topic that relates to the claims of the Christian faith. It will be relaxed, fun, offering participants the chance to express opinions and hopefully learn some new things.

The evening starts with a meal, followed by a short provocative talk, and finishes with discussion in groups. There will be no pressure on people to talk or to pray aloud, but there will be space for people to share thoughts and ask questions.

The Rev Simon Genoe, Vicar of Lisburn Cathedral, said: “So whether you’re a saint or a sceptic, a church-goer or a church-avoider, young or old, we welcome you to our launch night on the 10th of May to Meet Jesus.”

Further details, including a video.

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