Archbishop Eames speaking in St Anne”s Cathedral, Belfast

Divine Healing Ministries

Archbishop Robin Eames will speak at the Monday evening healing service in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast on 11 May at 8pm.

He will address the theme ‘My Path of Healing’. There is no one better qualified to speak on the subject because the Archbishop served as a church leader on this island for almost 30 years during the Troubles and the years of tension that followed. He conducted the funerals of many people who were killed in the violence.

However, possibly his biggest test was the tension surrounding Drumcree in the late nineties. About that time he said “The pressure and tension surrounding Drumcree was greater than I ever felt in any single episode of my life. All the suffering of the Troubles, and the Drumcree situation – all of that will never leave me. I was born here, I have loved this place, I have been loved in this place, I will die in this place and I will take all the pain and suffering of this place with me to the grave!”

How did the Archbishop remain strong in the midst of all this pressure? Come and hear him speak on ‘My Path of …read more

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