Electronic Version of The Evangelical Presbyterian Mar-Apr 2015 – Now Available

By EPC The PDF of the March-April issue of The Evangelical Presbyterian is available here. Articles include:

  • First Word – Pray for Vanuatu
  • Genesis and the age of the Earth – Rev. Robert Beckett
  • Eldership – A New Testament Emphasis – John Grier
  • Joshua Chapter 7 – Rev. Andy Hambleton
  • Nomad YFC – Jonathan McCullough
  • “She’s Game, Boys!” – Remembering Mary Slessor of Calabar – Sid Garland
  • Heaven in Two Words – Rev. Robert Johnston
  • Book Reviews
  • Freedom of Conscience
  • Obituary for Miss Eva Ingram
  • Who is God? – Harold Gibson

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Read the full article here: http://www.epcni.org.uk/News/News.php?id=4909198502900529805

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