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The Web Leader printing press has been involved with the printing of the inside pages of the Gospels of John and many of our other booklets. The machine which we have had has been giving problems due to it being worn out. We have therefore purchased a second hand machine from the USA. Photo above is the machine arriving on the 17th March. The machine is now being rebuilt in the factory and we are looking forward to commencing production again very soon.
Dear Friend, One of the miracles that occurred around the time of the Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ was the curtain in the temple was torn from top to bottom – “… the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom…”  (Matthew 27: 51).  The curtain was 60 feet high, 30 feet wide and 4 inches thick.  God did this to show that the way of salvation was opened to both Jew and Gentile through the precious shed Blood of His dear Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  At this Easter time we send the literature around the world with joyful hearts.  We echo what the Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, said, “Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with his people.” (Romans 15: 10).
On 6th March we shipped to Every Home for Christ 400,000 Gospel leaflets for their door to door distribution.  100,000 of these leaflets have specially been printed with an Easter message and will be distributed over the Easter period.  Please pray that these leaflets will speak to many of their need of salvation.
On 6th March we sent one pallet to Cape Verde, 3 pallets to Guinea-Bissau and 4 pallets to Sao Tome.  These pallets were all for the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship and this literature is all in the Portuguese language.
On 6th March we sent 100,000 copies of the “Meet the King” booklet in the Tetum language for the work of CEF in East Timor.  Also on this day we sent 2 pallets of flashcard Bible lessons for the work of CEF in Indonesia.  This is the first time that we have sent major consignments of literature to Sao Tome, East Timor and Indonesia.  Please pray for the arrival of this literature and that the Lord will take it and use it for His glory.
On18th March we shipped a container to Ethiopia.  In this container we included 30,000 Gospels of John in the Somali language.  There are many Somali speaking people in Addis Ababa and some of these Gospels will also be taken into Somaliland and the country of Somali.  A very large percentage of the people of the Somali  speaking people are Moslems.  However, there are some very faithful Christians who are taking a real stand for the Gospel. Pray for them as they distribute this literature as they do so at the risk of losing their lives.  The remainder of the literature in the container was in the Amharic language.
photo(49)On 20th March we delivered 10,000 New Testaments to Helping Others Worldwide.  This work is led by Ernest and Isobel Carrick and we would also like to thank Noman Cuthbert from WEC for all his help in this project also. These New Testaments have been printed in the Creole language and will be going for distribution in Guinea-Bissau.  (See photo below) This is the first time that we have ever printed a complete New Testament and this has been done under the Revival Publishing  Bibles and books side of the ministry.
On the 20th and 26th of March we have sent a total of 23 consignments of literature to France.  Each of these consignments consists of a Gospel, “Meet the King” booklet and letter to parents.  Each of these consignments is going to a church who has agreed to distribute these 3 items to every home in their area. We have also sent 1 pallet of similar literature to the country of Guadeloupe and 1 pallet to Corsica.  Altogether this  has amounted to 237,000 Gospels, 266,000 “Meet the King” booklets and 222,000 parents’ letters.  This door to door distribution of literature has been organized by CEF in France and has proved to be very effective during the last few years.
News from India Bible Literature:
Mr Deva Gopi is one of the IBL patashala evangelists who is witnessing the good news of Jesus Christ among the tribal people in Jawadhi hills in partnership with India Gospel Rural Mission.  He was born and brought up in a gypsy community, later he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour through the Indian missionaries in Tamil Nadu.  Because of his turning to Christ he was excommunicated from his community and hated by his people.  So he moved to Jawadhi hills with his family and started to witness about Jesus Christ everywhere.22285-2014 Nagapattinam Fishermen - students field work - pg 2(1)
The Lord burdened him to preach the Gospel and share his personal testimony amidst the opposition and anti Christian actions in surrounding villages and the Lord blessed his work and proved His Word through many miracles and wonderful acts through him.  By God’s grace he recently joined in our IBL patashala evangelism training and selected a village called Villain Kuppam to start a prayer cell.  Mr Gopi has a roving business as he sells goods in his two wheeler bicycle every day for his livelihood. While carrying his goods on the vehicle, he used to preach the Gospel through an amplifier fixed to the front of the scooter and distributes the Gospel tracts wherever he travels.  He also attached to the vehicle a flag of the Cross to witness Christ when people come to buy goods from him, he shared the good news of Jesus Christ without fail.  By doing this he has won many people’s hearts to Jesus and prays for the needy people if invited to homes.  Sometimes he has been beaten and sent out of the villages because of the Gospel witnessing.  He has started a prayer cell in a hired shed in Villampakkam village where he has won a few families for the Lord.  Please do pray for his ministry, his family and the prayer cell activities.  22285-2014 Nagapattinam Fishermen - students field work - pg 4(1)
Another testimony:  Mrs Mallika, the wife of Mr Devan, live in a poor village.  She suffered poverty as her husband gave himself to severe alcohol addiction  which brought great destruction to her whole family and resulted in great discouragement.  Due to the poverty and alcoholism sometimes they decided to end their lives as they could find no hope on earth.  Into this situation our evangelist, Mr Samuel Muragas, came and met with them and shared the Gospel through the tracts and materials which he was distributing in Burgoor village.  He met Mrs Mallika and shared the love of God through Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.  He diligently explained Psalm 23 verse 1 of how the Lord is our Faithful Shepherd to save our life and protect those who trust in Him.  The words truly touched her life and started to work in her heart so that she surrendered her life to God.  Mr Samuel kept praying regularly for them for God’s help in their lives.  As a result the Lord has heard these prayers and changed their family situation amazingly into a new way where her neighbours are even surprised at our Lord’s wonderful work in her life.  She and her children accepted Jesus Christ into their lives which brought an amazing peace and salvation to the home.  Her husband, Mr. Devan, has gradually started to be relieved from the alcohol addiction and believes in the Lord.  The Lord has recently blessed them with twenty sheep which has become a good source of income.  Please pray for the family and particularly for Mr Devan that he should be completely relieved from alcohol addiction.
On the 17th of February we shipped a container of Portuguese literature to Pastor Anacleto, the leader of Every Home for Christ in Mozambique.  Just a few days after the container was sent Anacleto took ill and was flown to South Africa for surgery.  Anacleto died on March the 6th, 2015 in a South African hospital, following a failed surgery on a cyst between organs, leaving behind an EHC ministry legacy, a wife and six children and an entire nation in mourning.  The following tribute was written by Brother Cleopas who is the leader of Every Home for Christ in Zimbabwe.

“Anacleto was known to be a man of peace with a contagious smile across his face always.  He served to the end after battling excruciating pain for years, but never gave up the cause of the Gospel, nor never gave you a reason to feel sorry for him.  Hundreds gathered for his glorious send-off.  The streets of Beira were congested as the long convoy of vehicles made its way to the special and final resting place of our brother.  For many outside of Mozambique the Anacleto we knew is not the same as most nationals knew.  I was amazed to see the extent of our brother’s network, the degree of his influence on the elite and the ordinary.  The funeral was marked with an unusual attendance of a large number of foreign and international missionaries and outstanding academics.
Unknown to most of the outside world Anacleto was a national renowned military man and the level of a marine, well known in the halls of power, even to the President of the nation.  He had served in government but, forsook all the limelight and power circles, to work with the poor and needy.  He became a friend of the poor.  No wonder, as Every Home for Christ leader, many opened their hearts and homes to receive the witness of the Gospel from him.
It is amazing to hear many Christian leaders and Mission agencies express that they could not imagine a Mozambique without Anacleto.  Mozambique is still a Communist state both in constitution and practice.  Few would know what Anacleto accomplished for the Kingdom.  Because of his influence in government, he used his influence to facilitate the entry and registration of many Christian Missions that came to Mozambique.  Anacleto was the door to spread the Gospel in Mozambique and so, all nationalities from Brazil, Portugal, India, UK, Australia and across Africa, mourned one who had given it all for the sake of the Gospel – and never looked back in spite of being begged to come and take political office.  His patriotism as a comrade could not be doubted in his nation and so was his unwavering focus and dedication to ensure Mozambique knew Jesus.  This was unmistaken to all that knew the gentleman’s endeavour to reach every home.  He had just unveiled a theme and a plan for 2015 to saturate Mozambique with the Gospel.  Every province in this nation would have simultaneous campaigns to reach every home.  He urged leaders to remain united and make the Great Commission and Kingdom the main focus.  In delivering my eulogy and tribute from our International President, Dick Eastman, his desire and prayer was if only the Lord would raise more Anacletos across Mozambique.  Farewell soldier!  See you in the next Kingdom.  Anacleto Luis Ferrao.”
Please pray for his wife, his six children and for Brother Godfrey, his assistant in the work of Every Home for Christ, as he will now have the responsibility of importing the container through customs so that this literature will be used to reach the people of Mozambique with the Gospel.

Dear Samuel and all staff members, We certainly thank God for all of you and just wanted to share with you some of the fruit of your labour.  Iteve Amole, one of our church elders, was asked to go to one of our Baptist churches in our capital Port Moresby to teach for a year.  The church probably averages about 120 per week but, when Iteve started teaching, there were 540 people there.  He decided to teach 6 nights a week so that he could get through all the 4 courses in one year.  I asked him if most of the people were from his own tribe, but he said they were from different provinces and had just heard about the teachings by word of mouth.  He didn’t quite make it to the end of course, but he made it through 7 of the 9 volumes you printed for us.  He said there were 202 clear salvation testimonies during his time there.  He isn’t part of the easy believism camp but taught them faithfully through the Word to bring them to a clear understanding of their lost position before God and then on to God’s provision in Christ for their salvation.  Since his return he has organized to have 16 couples come for 6 months of mentoring starting in August.

IMG_2665Wilfried from Diguna Mission speaking in the open air before distributing Gospels of John in the Democratic Rep. of Congo.


Papau New Guinea
A few years ago one of the churches in Port Moresby decided they should be reaching out into their community.  They sent out 8 evangelistic teams which taught 3 nights a week.  It took them over a year to finish course 1 (which you printed) and they had 159 salvation testimonies.  One of those that heard the teaching was the senior pastor of the largest united church there.  After hearing the Word he approached his bishop about teaching the lessons to his congregation.  But the bishop didn’t give him permission.  So the pastor joined a group and moved to Queensland, Australia and ministered among the Aboriginal people there.   The truth of the Word attracted others besides the Aboriginals and God has reaped a harvest.
Joseph is a man who was saved through the Pidgin English lessons.  He started out being taught in Port Moresby by an Australian missionary, then moved to his home place.  He had to pay 6 dollars to take a bus every Thursday to one of our missionaries from Wales who spoke his language.  The missionary faithfully taught him Thursday nights and Friday mornings and Joseph finally understood and came to Christ.  Next time I saw him he was radiant with the joy that only comes from knowing Christ.  He went to the town of Madang for a year.  He was taking Bible classes there at a small Bible school but, in the evenings and on the weekends, he taught his fellow students through our books.  The prison sent some prisoners over to attend and he was invited to come and teach in the prison.  Both guards and inmates were saved there and also received books.  Last week I drove 3 hours up to the highway to go to a prison with him.  The guards received us warmly and have invited Joseph now to come each Wednesday afternoon and teach the prisoners a course from our books.  Praise the Lord! … Jim Tanner.

During the past month we took delivery of 155 Tonnes of Paper costing over £100,000.00. Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the ministry as we continue to try and fufill the many requests for Gospel Literature which we receive day by day.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen




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