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Saturday 4 April 2015

The Church of Ireland Gazette editions for 1915 digitized
The RCB Library has now released in full the weekly editions of the 1915 The Church of Ireland Gazette online, highlights from which are presented via a digital exhibition as the April 2015 Archive of the Month.

The 1915 editions add to those already available for the years 1913 and 1914, enabling further analysis of various aspects of the momentous changes that occurred in Ireland and now being marked in the Decade of Commemorations. The contents of the Church of Ireland Gazette provide an invaluable resource about the opinions and attitudes of members of the Church of Ireland through changing times. Written and read by lay and clerical members of the Church, north and south, access via the online search engine brings to life at the touch of a button how unfolding political events in Ireland and abroad were communicated to and received by members of this significant minority community on the island one hundred years ago.

Last year the Library (which is the principal repository for Church of Ireland records), in association with the Gazette, launched a sponsorship appeal to continue the work of digitization of this important …read more

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