“Our Invitation is to Serve as Jesus Served” – Archbishop Tells Chrism Eucharist

By Lynn Glanville

Chrism Eucharist

The Chrism Eucharist took place in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, this morning, Maundy Thursday. The service, which includes the consecration of oils used in ministry, also sees the clergy and lay ministers of Dublin and Glendalough renew their commitment to ministry. During the celebration of the service, Archbishop Michael Jackson washed the feet of some clergy and lay people and in turn had his own feet washed.

In his sermon, the Archbishop drew on St John 13: Before the festival of the Passover, Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart from this world and to go to the Father. In particular he focused on St John’s use of ‘the hour’.

He suggested that the hour is the pivotal point of time and eternity. “It brings a special richness of focus as we gather as today’s disciples called repeatedly to be attentive and to be responsive to the Word of God. Our invitation, as is made abundantly clear on Maundy Thursday, is to serve as Jesus served; that is to serve others whom we know just as much as others whom we do not know. This is difficult and this is unattractive until we draw deep into our thinking …read more

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