Café Church at Kill O’ the Grange Offers Informal Setting for Worship

By Lynn Glanville

Cafe Church

Café Church is a new initiative launched by Kill O’The Grange Parish Church on Sunday evening, January 25 2015. Meeting at 8.00 p.m. on the last Sunday of each month, it provides an informal and relaxed setting for worship, and it is hoped that it will appeal to a wide spectrum of people. The events are held in the main hall of the Parish Centre, with a setting less formal than in a church service. Tables and chairs are laid out and refreshments are provided.

So far, the parish has held three of these monthly events. In addition to praise songs and an address, there have been testimonies from people who have found faith in Jesus. For example, in January those gathered heard from a number of people who have been through the Tiglin experience, and in February some friends from Betel in Shankill addressed them.

Cafe ChurchThe latest Café Church was held on Sunday March 29 and was attended by Archbishop Michael Jackson. During an evening of song and prayer,
several parishioners spoke. Louis Hemmings read two of his poems and there were testimonies from Hilda Shepherd and Averil Brennan. Finally the Archbishop gave an …read more

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