92nd ICC Annual Meeting

The Irish Council of Churches (ICC) will tomorrow gather for its 92nd Annual Meeting, hosted by the Salvation Army. Under the theme, ‘With Heart to God and Hand to Man’, the Salvation Army will demonstrate aspects of their social and spiritual ministry in Ireland and delegates will explore new ways of sharing the love of God in the service of their own communities.

The keynote address will be delivered by Major Anne Read, the Salvation Army’s Anti–Trafficking Response Co–ordinator. Ahead of the event, Major Read said that ‘Human Trafficking isn’t just something that happens in far off countries. It is happening in cities, towns and villages here. We must respond to this form of evil to prevent people being dehumanised, abused and exploited and restore to victims their sense of self worth.’

The Salvation Army has worked with and on behalf of women who have been trafficked since the late nineteenth century, then referred to as ‘the white slave trade’. Today, the Salvation Army works in the UK and globally to reduce human trafficking and respond practically to the needs of those affected by it. The Salvation Army currently holds the government contract to manage the support of all adult …read more

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