British Ambassador Addresses St Patrick’s Day Service

By Lynn Glanville

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick is a symbol of British and Irish relations, the British Ambassador, Mr Dominick Chilcott, said at the Patronal Eucharist of St Patrick’s Cathedral on St Patrick’s Day. The Ambassador delivered the address at the service and said relations between the two countries were
“better than ever” although the sensitive history could not be ignored.

The large congregation was welcomed to the cathedral yesterday morning by the Dean, the Very Revd Victor Stacey, who also welcomed the Ambassador, the Friendly Brothers of St Patrick and visitors from around the world. The service was sung by the Cathedral Choir.

Noting that he was standing where Dean Swift had once stood, Mr Chilcott quoted Queen Elizabeth who spoke on the goal of modern British Irish relations during President Micheal D Higgins’ State visit last year: “It is that we who inhabit these islands should live together as neighbours and friends. Respectful of each other’s nationhood, sovereignty and traditions. Co–operating to our mutual benefit. At ease in each other’s company. After so much chequered history, the avoidable and regrettable pain of which is still felt by many of us, this goal is now within reach.” He added that there was a high level of …read more

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