Impacting Lives in the Philippines, Burundi and Colombia

Evangelism before book distribution (16)

Above – The Gospel Message being presented to children in a school in the Philippines
Dear Friend, Our friends in Mexico “Every Home for Christ” are embarking on a Gospel literature outreach in dangerous areas called “Searching the other Fold”.  It is based on John 10: 16, “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”  They testify that in the past they have seen towns which were plagued with criminality changed by the power of the Gospel.
Other friends are engaged in similar ministries.  For example, in India where evangelists work in militant Hindu areas, in Africa where there is danger from tribal conflicts and for those who seek to reach out with the Gospel to the Muslim world.  In our own land the literature is being distributed in nationalist areas and among the travelling people.  Pray that many through all these efforts might find the one true Shepherd.
On 17th February we shipped a total of 14 pallets of literature to Child Evangelism Fellowship.  These pallets went to Romania, Malaysia, Antigua, St Kitts, Albania and Poland.
On 17th February we shipped a container of Portuguese literature to Pastor  Anacleto who works for Every Home for Christ in Mozambique.  In this container we included 2 million Gospel tracts, 200,000 Gospels of John, 100,000 “Pardon for sin and Assurance of Peace with God” booklets and 100,000 Scripture booklets “The Way of Salvation” and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ – The Light of the World”.
On 19th February we shipped a container to One Mission Society (OMS).  This container went to Johnny and Gemma Forsythe for their work in Mexico City.  They received a total of 1.2 million Gospel tracts and 400,000 Gospels of John for their ministry.
On 26th February we shipped a container of literature to our friends in the Philippines.  In this container we included 280,000 copies of the Cebuano booklet “Every Day with God” (Volume 2) for the work of CEF in the Philippines.  We also included 7,000 flashcard Bible lessons for CEF.  We also shipped in this container 20,000 Gospels of John in the Tagalog language for use of “Sowers of the Word” ministries.
On 27th February we shipped a container load of literature to India Bible Literature.  In this container we included a large consignment of Gospels of John in the Tamil, Malayalam and Oriya languages.  The area of India where the Oriya language is spoken is one of the most heavily persecuted areas of India.  Please pray that as these Gospels are distributed that the Lord will use them for the salvation of these people.
On 27th February we shipped 100,000 copies of the “Meet the King” booklet in the Tetum language for the work of CEF in the country of East Timor.  This is the first major consignment of literature that we have sent to East Timor.  Please pray that this will arrive safely in the country.
Children Prayed to Receive Jesus (1)

Dear Sir, We praise the Lord for His grace and enabling to all workers of CEF Philippines during 2014. Through the help of your wonderful literature project CEF Philippines was able to reach more children and lead many of them to the Lord and, for others, we provided the opportunity to help them to grow in their Christian walk.  We praise God for the impact this literature has brought to our ministry in our country.  Words are not enough to express our gratefulness to God and to you who stand with us in prayer and in spreading the Gospel.  With that we are delighted to share our ministry photos and some testimonies.  May they be a blessing to you as you keep on serving the Lord.  Gratefully, Jackie Solis

Evangelism before book distribution (33)
“The booklets are very helpful.  I have 6 pupils in my class who were hard-headed and disobedient.  They caused so many problems not only for me, but to their parents as well.  As I used ‘Every Day with God’ in my class I saw something new in these children.  We memorized Bible verses every day and taught them stories from the booklet.  After these children accepted the Lord Jesus I observed a change in them.  Their parents also were telling me that there are changes in the attitudes of their children.  To God be the glory!  Thank you CEF for choosing our school as one of the beneficaries of this literature.  May God richly bless you.”  Mr Mariano Kalunbarak, Elementary school.
“Praise be to God for we are not only giving booklets to children, our main purpose is that every child who will receive the booklet, will have a personal encounter with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and live for Him. A group of children received ‘Meet the King’ booklets as we evangelized them.  Others received ‘Every Day with God’ during our discipleship programme in schools.   Now the greater news is that they were channelled into a Bible believing church.
Through this project we also ministered to the tribal people called the Seta tribe. Literacy in this tribe is very poor.  Some parents and children who have never been to school learnt to read because of our hearts to reach them and yet, the first book that they have read, was the Cebuano translation of the Gospel of John.  The impact of this project is that Bible believing churches in the province got united in the evangelisation of more children, book distribution and conducting discipleship programmes.
In schools these booklets were used under the programme of the Department for Education which is called, ‘DEAR’ – drop everything and read! The children were encouraged to read these booklets during their free time in school.  The good news is that because of this project we were able to share the Gospel to more people, more than the number of booklets we gave because we have had a wonderful time reaching the parents, guardians, teachers and school principals with the positive impact of our priceless undertakings in schools and communities for moral transformation.”  … Mr Jonathon Endencia
“Children, teachers and principals appreciated the booklets we distributed. Through these booklets they came to know more about God.  The booklets were easy for them to understand and they enjoyed doing the activities in each lesson.  The booklets were nicely done that the children really loved to read them.  They were also happy to think that someone cares for them.  A girl named Kayla said, ‘I am happy because I now know God.’  Another girl named Diosa said she was happy because she had received the Lord as Saviour and that she could serve Him.  The booklet distribution is very helpful especially in the remote places where children could not afford to buy books.  Thank you so much for this wonderful project.  Keep it up and may God bless you.”  … Mrs Suclan

Meet the King! (3)
“This literature project has been a great help to our ministry especially in our Good News clubs and in our ongoing Elementary High school Values Education class.  The devotional ‘Every Day with God’ booklets have been a big help to our ministry partners as they teach children how to conduct a Quiet Time each day.  In this way the children were encouraged to love the Word of God and take time with Him every day. Many teachers from various church partners and denominations are grateful to CEF for providing this help in our local children’s ministry.  Thank you also to your partners.”
“We, CEF Korona Dal workers, are also grateful to be recipients of this valuable and helpful tool because our relationship with the local churches has been strengthened through the literature.  Many pastors and children’s workers were very glad and grateful as they are helped in discipling the children.  All glory be to God.”  … Mrs Quilojano
“In Cantiasay, a devoted Catechist, shared her story of reading the booklet which one of her students received through our evangelism and book distribution in the islands.  Upon reading, she understood all the more the Gospel and trusted Jesus as her Saviour.  A true encounter with the King!  She said she will tell her friends the impact that the ‘Meet the King’ booklet has made in her life.  Praise the Lord!” … Mrs Zamora


IMG_1469Dear Samuel and Heather, Thank you so very much.  What an excellent day! It was incredible to receive God’s Word.  We received it in our arm muscles, our leg muscles, our back muscles – just about every muscle! Ha ha! Truly it was an incredible day and there was an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.  The older children helped unload and we had it done in 1½ hours.  We took time to pray before we opened the doors that God would use His Word powerfully in this nation and that many people’s hearts would be given to Him.  We arranged everything in place for the distribution days which will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  All the pastors have received their time and the date to come and an estimation of the amount of boxes so that they will bring suitable transport.  I have also put 82 boxes to one side to take to Cali which, hopefully, we will get done the week after next.

Today there were lots of tears of happiness and smiles to see the amazing blessing that the Lord has given us through you all.  An incredible testimony to His incredible power and grace.  – A few days later.  I just want to let you know that all the planning has shown and distribution has gone very smoothly.  All together the literature has gone to 400 churches.  The pastors and church representatives have been so so grateful and asked me to pass on to you many, many thanks for this huge blessing.  Truly there has been a real extra special sense of God’s presence in these days of distribution.  …  Richard Sanderson.
Dear friends, This is a quick note to let you know that the Wonder Devotional book in Kirundi has taken Burundi like a storm!  We just received the Wonder book for the first time ever in the local Kirundi language.  Little did we know that it was going to shake the country in this way!  When we announced in schools and churches that finally the booklets have arrived we started receiving both people and phone calls from schools, churches etc., asking for the booklets.  When the Director of Literature, Mrs Rehani, the National Directors and Local Directors, sat down to distribute the booklets for different regions of the country we were already running short of the booklets.  We invited teachers here in the capital Bujumbura for a Wonder book workshop and training workshop and, to our surprise, more than 250 teachers showed up!  Thank God we were well prepared to promote CEF literature and training.  As we go to both schools and churches we run out of the booklets and some teachers are suggesting that 1 booklet should be used by 5 children!  This is not possible because each child should have his own booklet so that he can write in it the answers to the questions.

burundi 1
Burundi has a population of over 9 million and over half of them are children.  We got 308,000 Wonder Devotional books in total.  You can imagine the many children left out.  We hope and pray that God will provide so that many more booklets will be printed and each child will be reached and discipled here in Burundi.  People are saying, ‘We have never seen such a kind of tool to disciple children.  It really is the Wonder Book!’  Lots of Love in Christ, David and Eva Rehani.

We are delighted to see the impact that the literature is making upon lives as it is distributed in many parts of the world. We continue to receive urgent requests for literature from other countries such as South Africa, Venezuela, Kenya, Macau and Mexico.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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