RCB Library Archive of the Month – More magic lanterns connecting the Church of Ireland and wider world of mission in the 1930s

By Lynn Glanville

March Archive Pic

A further set of lantern slides depicting the early Irish church and aspects of mission in the wider world is the focus for March’s Archive of the Month online from the RCB Library. The collection was recently recovered from St Patrick’s Deanery in Dublin. As a relatively easy apparatus to use, the ‘magic lantern’ (forerunner of the modern slide projector) provided an important medium used by religious bodies and individuals, enabling clergy, educators and clergy to spread their message for a variety of charitable and educational purposes and the St Patrick’s collection fits this genre.

The magic lanterns in this collection were originally used during the Church of Ireland’s commemoration of the 1500th anniversary of St Patrick’s coming to Ireland, in 1932 – a topic covered in a previous online presentation available here: http://ireland.anglican.org/about/165 – to accompany three ‘lantern lectures’ as part of the official commemoration programme. These lectures (prepared by the Revd W. E.
Vandaleur, Warden of the Divinity Hostel, and Mr G.A. Ruth of the Irish Guild of the Church) aimed to visually connect members of the Church with its Celtic past and origins in the early Irish Church, but also to remind audiences of the spirit in which …read more

Read the full article here: http://dublin.anglican.org/news/2015/03/RCB-Library-Archive-of-the-Month–More-magic-lanterns-connecting-the-Church-of-Ireland-and-wider-world-of-mission-in-the-1930s

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