First Q Commons Dublin Encourages Participants to Examine Faith and Society

By Lynn Glanville

Q Commons Team

The first Q Commons Dublin took place in Christ Church Cathedral on Friday evening, February 27. Dublin was more than 60
cities around the world to host Q Commons this year and the event was facilitated by, Greg Fromholz of Dublin and Glendalough’s Young Adults’

Hosted by a partnership of Dublin and Glendalough Young Adults Ministry, Rubicon, the Young Adults Leadership Programme and Innovista, Q Commons involved people in cities all over the world gathering to consider how to advance good in their local communities.

During the evening three video interviews were played in venues around the world. But there were also panels of local speakers and opportunities for participants to discuss what they had heard.

The first international speaker was New York Times best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, Addressing the subject of legitimacy, he talked about what it meant to be an effective leader of society.
“True leadership begins not with leaders imposing their will but through them understanding that people join and obey because of legitimacy… the core notion of legitimacy is that how you carry out those ideas are more important that the ideas themselves,” he said.

Faith PanelThe first of the local panel discussions featured …read more

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