Relationship Building Vital in Responding to Global Poverty – Bishops’ Appeal Training Day

By Lynn Glanville

Poverty Training Day

Culture, context and building relationships are the key ingredients to any response to poverty, global or local. While these things take time, participants in a Dublin and Glendalough training day facilitated by Bishops’ Appeal heard that without these considerations,
projects aimed at alleviating poverty could do more harm than good.

The seminar was hosted by Archbishop Michael Jackson in the Church of Ireland College of Education yesterday
(Thursday February 26 2015). It was facilitated by Lydia Monds, education officer with Bishops’ Appeal with Emma Lynch of Tearfund and Linda Chambers of the United Society.


In engaging with people in different cultures,
Lydia explained that it is important to understand the different concepts and different understandings and to be aware of our own cultural bias which leads us to believe our world view is normal. Our world view is central to us but we have to be open to new perspectives and change, she said. She suggested that a good model to adopt is one of journeying together rather than standing at the end and shouting ‘we’ve arrived’.


Talking about the theory of poverty, Emma Lynch said that the major poverty was the poverty of spiritual intimacy.
“Poverty is incredibly complex. Poverty is …read more

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