New book on the Reformers by 101-year-old retired cleric

By karen

The Rev Canon Dr SE Long's new book is now available.

The Rev Canon Dr SE Long’s new book is now available.

A retired Church of Ireland clergyman, now aged 101, has published a new book!

The book on the Protestant Reformation has been written by former rector of Dromara, the Rev Canon Dr SE Long.

‘Renowned Reformers’ introduces the reader to this important period of history and profiles the lives of Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and James Ussher. These giants of the faith are renowned for their role in the Reformation, and this new publication sheds light on their thinking and methods.

Dr Long explains said: “These men so impressed and affected the thinking of their contemporaries that irreversible changes took place in the history of church and state.

“The primary and fundamental benefit these Reformers brought to people was to make it clear that individuals can have a personal relationship with God. They removed the barrier of language to give the people the Holy Scriptures in the common tongue. And they remodelled and simplified the worship services and ceremonies of the Church to enable people to obtain a better understanding of the intrinsic meaning and worth of the Christian faith.”

He continued: “The Reformers deliberately simplified, personalised …read more

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