Life beyond cancer

By Magheragall Methodist Church

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Cancer is now part of the experience of most families, with one in three people being diagnosed with a cancer at some time. Thirty years ago such a diagnosis was often regarded as a death sentence. These days earlier detection of disease and advances in surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have resulted in improved, disease-free survival, and today 85% of women who have had breast cancer are expected to be alive and disease free ten years following their diagnosis.

The October 2014 issue of the Methodist Newsletter brought an encouraging article on life beyond cancer from a breast-cancer survivor, and the March 2015 issue looks at the subject from the point of view of a doctor with first-hand experience of the positive developments in treatment and life expectancy.

‘During the past 18 months the follow-up care for women who have had breast cancer has changed in Northern Ireland,’ she writes. ‘The majority of women on completion of their treatment will be offered an interview with their breast-care nurse who will provide a “holistic needs assessment”, and patients are encouraged to attend a “health and well-being event” providing information on what they can expect in the years to come and giving “sign posts” to …read more

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