‘How do you know you’re called to preach?’

By Magheragall Methodist Church


‘Harry is facing the demon of discouragement. He began his studies in Faith and Worship two years ago with great enthusiasm but now finds he is floundering under the weight of a growing number of uncompleted assignments. He knows that he has the support and backing of his church family but sometimes this can be a pressure as much as an encouragement. The best times are when he is given the opportunity to lead parts of the Sunday worship. On three occasions he has been allowed to preach and each time he felt that God had used his message to speak into people’s lives. He asks, ‘How do you know you have a genuine call to preach?’……’

In a new series, popular columnist Heather Boland answers questions from members of a fictional local preachers’ class. The March Methodist Newsletter brings her response to Harry – and to other would-be preachers who find themselves in the same boat.

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Read the full article here: https://methodistnewsletterireland.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/how-do-you-know-youre-called-to-preach/

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