Gospel Literature going to Mongolia, Macedonia, Burkina Faso, India, Fiji, Brazil, Bulgaria, Jamaica etc


The photo above is a group who attended a teachers training programme organised by Child Evangelism Fellowship in Tanzania.  Christina wrote – We are continuing to distribute the Wonder Devotional Booklets which is our priority just after the new year celebration. 3 workers travelled with the booklets to Kagera region 16 hours by bus. They then taught the teachers how to help children use the booklets and  on the way back they will stop in another region to meet another group of teachers. We already have sent by bus 4 boxes of the booklets to this region.
Dear Friend, One of the Names of Jesus Christ that we were reminded of at Christmas is Wonderful Counsellor. No where is this seen better than in the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus instructed people on godly living.  At the end of His ministry there He said that those that follow His teaching, “… I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:”  (Matthew 7: 24)  Around the world people need the Word of the living God.  Their lives are built on the sand of false religion.  Please stand with us in the year ahead as we endeavour to send out the literature to those still in the darkness of sin.
On the 12th of January and the 22nd of January we shipped two container loads of Gospels of John and Gospel booklets to India Bible Literature.  Recently we have had so many requests from India that we decided to increase the volume of literature this month to our many friends working in India.
On the 16th of January we shipped pallets of CEF flashcard Bible lessons to Bulgaria, Fiji, Jamaica, St Vincent, and Dominica.   bilde
On the 16th of January we shipped 4 pallets of literature to Mongolia.  This is the first time we have sent a large consignment of literature to this country.  This consignment consisted of 100,000 copies of “Meet the King”, 100,000 copies of Wonder Devotional book (volume 1) and over 1,000 Bible lessons for the work of CEF.  Please pray that this will travel and clear customs without any problems.
On the 27th of January we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of literature to Burkina Faso.  This literature is for several organisations, including Mr Jeremy Nash from Mission Africa, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Richard Gunning and Pastor Philippe Ouedraogo who heads the AEAD organisation in Burkina Faso.  Altogether we had 165,000 Gospels of John, 250,000 Gospel tracts, 180,000 Scripture and Gospel booklets, 60,000 Wonder Devotional booklets (volumes 1 to 6), and 9,000 Flashcard Bible lessons.
On the 29th of January we shipped a container to our depot in Brazil.  This container consisted of over 4 million Gospel tracts, 200,000 Gospels of John and other Scripture and Gospel booklets.  Many requests continue to arrive in the depot in Brazil.
On the 29th of January we sent 3 pallets of literature to Macedonia.  This consisted of 200,000 Gospel booklets and 30,000 Gospels of John in the Macedonian language. This literature is going to Brother Bore Blasevski who works with Every Home for Christ in Macedonia.
On the 29th of January we sent 5 pallets which consisted of a total of 60,000  Every Day with God Vol 1 booklets for the work of CEF in Hungary.
Below – I just want to inform you that your consignment with tracts arrived safely in Dar es Salaam and that we unloaded the container at Soma Biblias premises Monday 23rd of January. In the picture you see our Sales manager, Per Jerup together with salesmen Joseph Mganga and Ombeni Massawe unloading the container.
Please receive thanks from Soma Biblia. We do appreciate this generous gift from you and will do our best to distribute the Gospels and tracts all over Tanzania.  Thank you and God bless you. Arve Myramessage.
Bible Educational Services were so encouraged following a recent visit to Romania.  Revival Movement have printed “Bible Time” lessons in Romanian for the past 3 years – totalling approximately 1.5 million lessons.  The “Bible Time” lessons are being used in the “Timplui Bibliei” Association which functions as a correspondence ministry and are in contact with thousands of children every month.  Hundreds of churches from various denominations are using the materials to aid in teaching Sunday school and youth ministries.  34,000 monthly courses are distributed in 17 regions throughout the country.  We cannot begin to explain the blessing these courses have been to many individuals and churches.

romania PBS
One testimony: – “I am a self-defence coach.  I was thinking about a spiritual activity with the children after the training programme.  I prayed, I searched on the Internet and found your website.  I called and was offered the ‘Bible Time’ courses.  They are really useful for the children who come to take the self-defence classes.  I want these children to become people of a strong character, useful to society.  I am praying they will become His children and disciples.  That is why I emphasize the importance of reading and studying the Scriptures.  I wish the principles of the Bible would govern the lives of these children.  Thank you very much for these courses.”
We wish to express our sincere thanks to Revival Movement and their supporters for their help in this very practical way enabling BES to reach thousands of children with the Gospel and assist in their ongoing discipleship in Romania. … Samuel Balmer
INDIA – Dear friends in Christ, Loving greetings from North East India in Jesus’ Name!  India 2We, the Gospel workers of India Evangelical Team, would like to thank you for the sacrificial gift of John’s Gospels.  We have been praying for the Gospel tools and God at His time provided it through you.  May the Good Lord bless you abundantly.
One effective way for Christians to share their faith is by Gospel tracts.  They are much more effective when we want to leave a person with some good follow-up materials.  We have missionaries in Bihar, India 1Assam, Sikkim, Manipur and in Nepal and Bhutan.   We received 25,000 Gospels of John.  They give a clear and simple presentation of the Gospel message by emphasizing 4 points:
1) The sinfulness of the human heart.
2) Who Jesus is.
3) Salvation that is by grace, through faith, apart from works.
4) The assurance of salvation.
We assure you that through your gift many will know Christ and His Kingdom will be established.  May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.  Once again thank you for your valuable gift. … Pastor Ajayan Abraham, North East Region.
India 3Respected Sir, We are very much grateful to you for sending the Gospels of John to Jammu and Kashmir.  We are distributing the Gospels of John to churches and pastors.  The Gospel of John is very useful for us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We are really blessed by those who have sent these Gospels of John and made such an effort in giving them to us.  Thank you. … Pastor Stephen
News from Namibia:
A house to house outreach was conducted in the town of Outjo.  The team comprising of 9 members divided itself into 3 different groups and moved into different locations for a door to door outreach.  A total of 7 people gave their lives to Christ and quite a number of families were receptive to the Gospel message.  After sharing the Gospel and praying with one brother who had been struggling for a long time with drug abuse, the brother gave his life to Christ and decided to stop taking drugs.  The brother called one of the team members testifying how the Lord is changing his life and that he desires to attend the discipleship classes.  The team have since referred him to the nearest “Christ” group and he has been attending meetings regularly.  … Every Home for Christ, Namibia

Nov 14. 2
A Testimony from Estonia:
“Mae, a 17 year old girl, started Mailbox club 8 years ago.  She and her brothers and sisters were also in the children’s home in South East Estonia.  All of them have been through Mailbox club.  Just a few months ago Mae started the Mailbox club lessons and I sent her “God Cares for You”.  Two months ago we received a letter along with the lesson.  It was a ‘goodbye’ letter.  She said to me personally ‘goodbye’, thanked for the care and all the nice words and stickers and encouragement and that she had decided to commit suicide that same day.

DSC04973After reading the letter I made a call to the children’s home and asked the lady who answered the phone about Mae.  She said the girl was crying and had gone to the forest.  I asked her to run and find her quickly.  I didn’t have time to explain who I was and what had happened! We exchanged phone numbers and off she went.  She found her in the forest behind the school house in time.  Mae came back with her and called me.  DSC04850We talked for two and a half hours.  Not all of her problems are solved yet, but she is back to more or less a routine.  We communicate often and I have found local helpers as well.  She prays and trusts that God will help her.  Mae finds it hard to believe that she is wonderfully created by God and cannot love herself how she is and what she can be.  Thank you for writing these lessons and printing them in Estonia.  Those lessons have helped to preserve the life of one precious girl.
Dear Samuel, I have just returned from a tiring but fruitful three and a half weeks ministry in Uganda.  I personally witnessed and participated in the distribution of many of the 150,000 Ugandan Gospels of John you kindly provided.  For two weeks I was travelling extensively visiting 11 churches and area pastors’ meetings in around Lake Victoria in South West Uganda.  There was also a major distribution took place to pastors at an 8 day annual Great Lakes Conference near Kampala.  The free Bibles and Gospels of John distribution at the Conference was widely reported in the national media.  Even the President considered attending but was advised against it after a visit by his security people.

Photo 18-12-2014 13 50 08
In the meantime could you please let me know what you have in other Ugandan languages?  I found a significant need for Scripture in these different languages.  We could also use a few hundred Arabic Gospels as we had extensive discreet contacts with many Imams and Sheikhs. The Bible distribution has resulted in a remarkable (and highly dangerous) searching of the Scriptures in the Moslem community.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  The Scriptures are having a very powerful impact on pastors some of whom do not still have Bibles, on Catholics, Moslems, witch doctors and the secular world far more than I have time to write about at present.  Your labour and provision is certainly not in vain.    John Birkin.  (Photo above)
Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the work.  Each container load of literature that we ship costs over £30,000 including paper, printing and shipping costs. We are planning to ship containers to the Philippines, Mozambique, India, and Ethiopia.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams                Clive Allen

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