New Research to Shed Light on Lives of Small Irish Primary Schools

By Lynn Glanville

Small Schools Research Launch

A new collaborative study into small Irish primary schools will focus on their communities, cultures, benefits and challenges. The research programme, which is overseen by the Church of Ireland College of Education, is being funded collaboratively between the Church of Ireland General Synod Board of Education (RI), the Church of Ireland Primary Schools Association, the Governors of the Church of Ireland College of Education and Dublin City University. It will be carried out between January and July 2015 and published in the autumn.

The study was launched in Church of Ireland House, Rathmines, yesterday evening (January 27). Among those present were representatives of each of the funding bodies as well as INTO President, Sean McMahon.

Aimed at addressing the gaps in our understandings of small Irish primary schools, it will provide specific insights into the culture of small schools from a range of perspectives,
including those of principals, teachers, members of Boards of Management,
patrons, children, parents and education policy–makers. It will examine both the challenges and benefits of teaching and learning in a small school context.
This will enable comparisons to be made between the Irish experience of teaching and learning in small schools and research published in Finland and the UK where …read more

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