1336 Tonnes of Paper used in the production of over 75 Million pieces of Gospel Literature

        photo(43)350,000 Wonder Devotional Booklets being loaded and sent to CEF in Malawi.

Dear Friend, We praise the Lord for His faithfulness to allow us the privilege of using 1336 Tonnes of Paper in the production of 75 Million pieces of Gospel Literature. How can we measure the impact upon the millions of lives which have been touched through these hundreds of tonnes of paper missionaries bearing the Gospel Message? We cannot begin to quantify the impact that is made on individual lives, instead the Lord only allows us to view the results as in 1 Corinthians 13 : 12 “now we see through a glass, darkly;” Each month we produce this newsletter in an effort to give a little glimpse of what the Lord is doing in different parts of the world.
In Hebrews 11 we read of men and women of faith who took the promises of God and lived by these promises, not being able to see the fulfillment during their lifetime. So must we take the promise of God from Isaiah 55 : 11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”  As we commence 2015 each of us must continue this great work of producing and distributing the Gospel Message through the printed page. As we do this we must trust the faithfulness of God to bring a harvest of precious souls unto Himself so that someday as we gather around His throne we will rejoice to see the Word of God fulfilled.

75 Million Publications


7,666,000 Gospels

24,512,000 Scripture and Gospel booklets

42,276,000 Gospel Tracts and Leaflets

262,000 Sets of Children’s Bible Lessons

70,000 Books

49 Containers shipped, plus many pallets and parcels of Literature

On 4th December we shipped a container of literature to our friends in India Bible Literature.  This literature will be shared with other ministries in India who are carrying on a faithful witness.  Brother Velu, the leader of India Bible Literature, recently wrote: “Our partner Pastor James sent a report.  In the past 25 years he distributed 8 million Gospels which he received through India Bible Literature.  Now he is 84 years old and he has a target to finish – 10 million Gospels before he finishes his race!  He requested India Bible Literature to supply 2 million more Gospels.  He says that God has given him a van which he wants to use for the distribution purpose.  We therefore urgently request you to supply us with more Telugu Gospels.”
On11th December we shipped a container to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Zimbabwe.  150,000 “Every Day with God” booklets, 140,000 “Meet the King” booklets, 540,000 “God’s Building Blocks” (Volumes 1 to 6) leaflets and several thousand flashcard Bible lessons.
On 15th December we shipped a container of literature to Nigeria.  In this container we included 1½ million Gospel tracts, 150,000 Gospels of John in the Hausa language and sets of children’s Bible lessons also in the Hausa language.  Much of this literature will be distributed by African Christian Textbooks (Sid Garland).  Please continue to pray for this country as the Christians in the North of the country are under constant persecution.  the mountain village
On 16th December we sent a container of literature in the Chinese language to China Tourist Ministry in Hong Kong.  This consignment consisted of 150,000 Gospels of John, 150,000 “Pardon for Sin and Assurance of Peace with God” booklets, plus hundreds of thousands of Gospel tracts and leaflets.
On 18th December we sent a container of literature to Malawi.  In this container we included 350,000 Wonder Devotional books (Volumes 1 to 4), as well as a supply of Bible flashcard lessons.
On 19th December we sent 11 pallets of literature to CEF workers in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Guyana and Botswana.  We also sent 30,000 booklets in the French language to Brother Hicham for his outreach work in France.
Dear Brother Samuel, Thank you very very much for all your help and support that you continue to give in the evangelistic ministry.  With your great support we continue to reach new Bulgarian homes with the Gospel message.  Every year hundreds of thousands of families from different parts of the country learn more about Jesus Christ and His love for us.  The good news of salvation continues to surround new villages and towns.  All is done with your generous partnership.  You are printing the leaflets and we are giving them to the people.  Thank you very much for working with us on the mission field of Bulgaria.
DSC04061With God’s help we distributed more than 280,000 pamphlets in 385 villages and towns.  We hope to have a special outreach from the 22nd to the 30th of December so we trust that we will have reached more than 300,000 homes during 2014.  We are so happy that God had used the leaflets to talk to people.  606 of them sent us the answer card to help them to know more about Jesus Christ.  We sent 814 Bible courses, 432 Bibles and 121 New Testaments.
During the Springtime with the kind support from Lio we distributed leaflets with seeds for vegetables.  We want to take care both of their souls and bodies.  An even greater blessing of the project was the big motivation for local churches to do the home to home evangelism.  This year almost all the seeds were distributed by local churches.  More than 10 churches participated.
God has worked in a wonderful matter in the life of brother Ivan from the church in Dupnitsa.  My brother Petar was in his church to present the EHC ministry.  Some weeks later brother Ivan shared with us where his motivation for distribution comes from.  “Two months ago I had a dream – how one brother came to our church and told us of distribution of Gospel tracts from home to home.  When he (my brother) came to present the ministry ‘Christ for Everyone’, I recognized him immediately.  He was the same brother from my dream!”  He understood very clearly that God is calling him to go to every house with His message.  He started the distribution, riding with his bicycle and distributing the brochures with seeds in that region.  He said to us that there are 3 things which make him happy – to read the Bible, to spend time in prayer and to distribute brochures from home to home.  2014-04-14-1738
One day during the distribution a man told him, “You are God’s servant.  God has sent you to us.”  He told us later that these words were the nicest he could ever hear about himself.
Going to people with the good news of salvation we have different testimonies.  I cannot forget how in one village we met a woman who was very happy to receive the leaflet.  When we asked her about the Bible she said, “I dreamed all my life to have a Bible.  One day my husband and me were in the city.  We had prepared money to buy a Bible.  At the last moment when we were in the book store he preferred to buy the book about the first president of Bulgaria and not the Bible.  I was very sad about that so I remained without the Bible.”  Then she completed quickly the answer card to receive a Bible.  She was very happy that finally she will have a Bible.  DSC01056
In the Summer we had a distribution camp in a Moslem region.  We had a special month of prayer before that.  We knew that no mission is greater than the prayer time for it.  We saw that, in the first day of distribution, one of our teams met with two workers who were repairing a house.  They accepted the pamphlet and said, “We believe in God now. A few weeks ago two houses have burnt and everything was burnt with the exception of one book and it is the Bible! So now we believe that God exists and He is powerful!”
Because the region was mountainous it was really hard to distribute.  The houses were scattered and were built on the hills – one above the other.  DSC01677 A young man from one team was a little bit sad that the village was so big, he was tired and even the team had split in order to work faster.  However, the village seemed to be without end.  So he was thinking whether the work that he was doing was really worthwhile or not.  After he finished his part of the village, he was heading back to the car he heard a child’s voice reading aloud the pamphlet.  He stopped and saw how one boy was reading the pamphlet to his grandmother.  Our brother stayed there until the boy had finished reading all the pamphlet.  At the end the boy read the information from the answer card and asked his grandmother, “Grandma, will you buy a postage stamp for me to send them this card and to receive a Bible for children?”  There our young brother understood again that in the Lord our labour is not in vain.
During the last day we were distributing in Asenovgrad.  I had to climb a lot of steps and, after that, I had to climb a steep path.  Finally I arrived at the top house.  I was very tired, I was thirsty, I was breathing heavily. When I wanting to put a pamphlet on the door I saw a man.  He took a pamphlet and after he saw that it was a Christian tract, he gave it back to me.  I then asked why.  He told me he was a Moslem and, if he were to take it, he would throw it away.  So I said, “Maybe it is better to give the leaflet to someone else.” So he said, “Maybe it is better to give the leaflet to someone else.” I replied to him, “I came all the way up to reach you, I am exhausted and now you don’t know to take this pamphlet.”  He thought a little bit and told me, “Okay, I will take it and I will read it but after that I will throw it.”  I said, “No, you will read it and after you will give it to someone else to read it too. You are travelling a lot so you will meet somebody and you will give it to them.”  He looked at me astonished, “How do you know that I am travelling very much?”  I replied, “I know.”  He could not believe.  “You are right. I am travelling through the whole world.  I am rarely at home.  I will take the pamphlet, I will read it and after that I will give it to somebody else.”  I did not know that man but, in that moment, God put those words in my mouth.  I saw God working with us to convict the Moslem people about the power of God.
Two weeks ago we were in one village near Starazagora visiting every house with the Gospel.  The first man we met was the watchman in the local farm. I gave him the tract and said that it is about God.  I asked him if he believes in God.  He answered that his faith is small and in the village there are not so many people who believe in God.  I used the opportunity to say that if people from the village turned to God and believed in Him his job would be much easier.  He was agreeing with me.  Then I asked him if he has a New Testament or a Bible.  He said he didn’t have so I invited him to fill out the answer card.  DSC04124At the end I promised to send him a Bible in the next week or two.  Then he shared something which touched me.  “I waited for a Bible 65 years so I will wait with no problem one or two more weeks!”   In that moment I understood better when Jesus said to His disciples. “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” People, like this man, are so many they wait for somebody who will tell them about Jesus.  I will give them God’s Word.
We pray and hope that, with your help, these kind of people will become less in the next year.  We pray that with the pamphlets you will print for us that we will reach new families in new villages, towns and cities.  May God bless you and reward you for all your generosity, sacrifice and support.  Please send our warm greetings and thanks to all the team of Revival Movement Association.  We pray for all of you.  Pavle, EHC Bulgaria.
Dear Friends, I am reminded of the Scripture which says, “… he that glorieth let him glory in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 1: 31) The other thing that I would like to do is to thank everyone in Revival Movement Association and Every Home Crusade for their encouragement as I seek to serve the Lord in my own city of Belfast.  The Lord challenged me to go into West Belfast and the Kennedy shopping centre.  The vision that God put into my heart was to have a Bible exhibition.  This was a real step of faith knowing the history of West Belfast.
I made a phone call and shared my ideas with one of the managers.  What was wonderful was that he gave me one hundred per cent support and he said that he wanted the people to see what I was doing.  The other wonderful thing is that he put me in a prime spot right in the centre of the shopping centre.   During that week my little team were able to give away 2,500 New Testaments and 1,800 CDs.  People were really hungry for the Word of God.  Seeing that hunger set a fire in my soul to reach into Divis Towers and some of the surrounding homes. Then the challenge came to move into New Lodge and visit the high tower blocks that you can see when you drive down the West Link.
Ardoyne came as my next challenge.  We all know of the trouble that has been at the shops there in the past few years. Well the Lord challenged me to put a book stall up outside one of the empty shops.  I did that and again the response was great.  Everything was given away free to reach these precious Roman Catholic people with the Gospel.
After much prayer the Lord again brought the challenge this time to go right into the heart of Ardoyne and to place into every home a copy of the Word of God namely the Revival Movement’s booklet, “The God of All Comfort”.  I am so moved that Revival Movement is with me in my vision and has wonderfully supplied the tools for me to just plod on and get on with the job of reaching out to the homes in this area.  There are 2,750 homes in Ardoyne, each of them Roman Catholic homes.  With the Lord’s help I have about another 500 homes to visit before this part of my mission is finished.  This is a very dangerous and a very needy area. They need the Lord.  How can they hear without a preacher?  Praise God for the written “preachers” that are going into their homes right into the very heart of the area known as “the bone”.  What a joy to serve the Lord Jesus Christ there.
The Lord challenged me about the Roman Catholic world here on my doorstep – just over the wall.  Peace walls they are called.  My message is a real message of peace that brings reconciliation between sinners and a holy God. Revival Movement and their wonderful staff have prayed for me as I have reached out into Ardoyne.  I have been very conscious of this.  I have known the Lord’s protection and blessing.  We all know that for seed to grow it has to be planted.  Please pray for Ardoyne that, as it gets the Word of God, it will produce fruit.  Let us pray that the hearts of precious Roman Catholics will see the salvation that is through Jesus alone, through faith alone. Jim Armor.

photo 1Clive Allen presents Douglas Condell with
a Bible to mark 30 years of faithful work
as a printer in the ministry.

The following are two letters that we have received from Every Home for Christ in South Africa:
“I am writing this letter to thank you for the Gospel of John that you sent to me.  I am proud to announce that I have read it from cover to cover.  I have a good couple of questions that I would appreciate if you would answer them for me please.  I want to know what will happen to me if I keep on sinning?  I really try and many times I have victory over the wrong things, but there are times when I horribly fail in my efforts to become a better person.  I don’t want to complicate things, but I have times when I have serious doubts about my success in being a good Christian.  Do you have more booklets that I can read?  Do you have Bible study booklets that I can work through?  Thank you for helping me become a genuine child of God.” S. Williams, Tswelopele, Correctional Centre.
“I hereby humbly request that you send me at least 10 copies of the Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God booklet.  I want one copy that I can call my personal possession and the other copies I want to hand out to some of my inmates that promised me that they will read and take good care of it.  I am trusting God that one or two of the other inmates will change their mind about not wanting to read good books.  I know that God can work in their hearts.  I am trusting God for a miracle.” C. Mphepulu Kutama Sinthumule, Correctional Centre.  photo 2

Samuel Adams presents Billy Coulter with
a picture in appreciation for many years of  work as a Director of Revival Movement Association.

During December we took delivery of over 150 Tonnes of paper at a cost of £105,000.00. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all the financial needs of the work. Once again we want to thank all of our supporters for their faithful giving and their prayers.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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