A healing presence to those in need

By karen

The Rev Dr Pat Mollan is CEO of the Church's Ministry of Healing.

The Rev Dr Pat Mollan is CEO of the Church’s Ministry of Healing.

The Church’s Ministry of Healing’s mission is to bring Christ’s healing presence to those in need; in body, mind or spirit.

The Rev Dr Pat Mollan was appointed CEO and Director of Ministry in March 2004. Based in Belfast, she travels extensively, lectures on Christian healing, and offers a range of courses and Quiet days. Training days, Alpha Days away, Spiritual days away and respite time.

Healing Services can be arranged and prayer teams provided, distance is not a concern. Those with more specialised needs or concerns should speak to Dr Pat directly by phone. Spiritual direction, discipleship and mentoring for men and women are also offered by the qualified and experienced volunteers.

Prayer ministry teams provide prayer throughout the week for those who have requested it, and the intercession list is prayed at the healing services. There is an Emergency Prayer Line which provides a rapid prayer response. Prayer for the Nations is offered twice monthly.

162 Cregagh House is the offices of the Church’s Ministry of Healing.

There is a Healing Service every Friday at lunchtime in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, and …read more

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