The Church in a secular society

By Magheragall Methodist Church

We live in a secular society. There is no disputing that. The numbers attending church on a Sunday are small compared with the numbers that go to their local supermarkets. At one time the Church would have had a significant influence on politics – chaining up swings in children’s playgrounds on a Sunday being one issue that comes to mind. Nowadays the influence of the church has been considerably diminished. In the February issue of the Methodist Newsletter Rev Johnston McMaster discusses the options for the Church after ‘the death of Christendom’ and says that one positive outcome of the dissociation of Church and State is the reduction in corruption that almost inevitably follows when any organisation becomes too powerful. Today our only weapon is moral persuasion. We cannot intimidate society as the murderers of the journalists in Charlie Hebdo have attempted to do in France. It is by our words and actions that we will be judged and those words and actions must be modelled on those of Jesus Christ.

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