Dublin Interfaith Forum Expresses Solidarity With People of France

By Lynn Glanville

DCIF Graphic

The Dublin City Interfaith Forum, which has Church of Ireland representation, has called on people of all faiths
to stand up to and utterly condemn the violent attack on the Paris
office of Charlie Hebdo.

Condemning any actions which endanger the capacity of people of
different origins, cultures and religions to live in harmony together,
the DCIF said it was actively working to build relationships based on
understanding and respect among Dublin’s diverse faith communities.

The group also condemned any incitement to hatred and division.
“Respect for and acceptance of the rights of all citizens to practise
their religious beliefs in peace and harmony and the rejection of
violence are the cornerstones of any society that wishes to claim to be
democratic, modern or indeed truly human,” the DCIF said.

It added that it is up to every one, individually and collectively, to work together to create such a society.

DCIF works with interested members of faith communities to deliver interfaith gatherings and activities in Dublin City.

Recognising the diverse nature of the backgrounds of the residents of Dublin, DCIF seeks to provide the space and opportunity for Faith Communities to build relationships with and between Dublin City communities, statutory and voluntary organisations and the …read more

Read the full article here: http://dublin.anglican.org/news/2015/01/Dublin-Interfaith-Forum-Expresses-Solidarity-With-People-of-France

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