Elections 2015: any hope for an elusive quality?

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The Virgin airlines 747 pilot who this week had to make an emergency landing said he was just doing his job and had expressed a preference not to be named. When reporting this fact, one radio presenter commented in a tone of admiration that he was also “obviously a very humble man.” Jack Kyle who was named Ireland’s greatest ever rugby player and who passed away recently was also recognised as a very humble man. His natural ability, which he fully recognised was not due to his own efforts, brought him success on the rugby field and pleasure to many who watched him play. However his genuine humility about his achievements in rugby and in the rest of his career away from the spotlight received more attention in the tributes which followed his death.

Contrast the attitude of these two men with those of former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell and former minister David Mellor. Mitchell’s moment of arrogant behaviour and foul language over not being allowed to take his bicycle out of the main gates of Downing Street when there was a perfectly reasonable side gate option open to him, betrayed an attitude that soon led to his downfall. On …read more

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