New Year Message From Archbishop Michael Jackson

By Lynn Glanville

Archbishop Michael Jackson

Day follows day and night follows night. This is the simplest pattern of life as we know it and as everyone lives it, the world over. Some of us are asleep by midnight. Some of us find it difficult to get to sleep at all and settle for no more than fitful rest all through the night. But at midnight, whether we are asleep or not, something changes when we move from one day to the next day. At any given point somewhere in the world there is darkness and somewhere else there is light.

New Year’s Eve is one of those special midnights.
After the clock has chimed, everything is in a real sense the same and yet time has moved forward. Perhaps one of the most useful things that a New Year can show us is our need to learn to embrace the future. It carries us forward with it. It introduces us to new possibilities, new people, new perspectives. All of these new experiences ahead of us may well frighten us, but an attitude of trust and friendship will go a long way.

For 2015 we remember the same individuals and communities who have suffered terribly throughout 2014 at home …read more

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