Gospel Sermon: Power In The Blood

By info@preachtheword.com (Preach The Word) Join us for our latest evangelistic sermon, in which David Legge explains what it means when we speak of there being ‘Power In The Blood’. Often our Christian terminology can be baffling and even offensive or repulsive to those who do not fully understand what we mean. Take this opportunity to learn more of what the blood of Jesus Christ means for both Christians and non-Christians. Have you availed yourself of the power in the blood? Are you ‘washed in the blood of the Lamb’? What does this mean for your daily life? Don’t miss this Gospel sermon which is available now from http://www.preachtheword.com in 32K MP3, 64K MP3, WMA and text formats… …read more

Read the full article here: http://www.preachtheword.com/sermon/gospel092-power-blood.shtml

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