An amazing testimony – 92 years old and Passionate about Gospel Literature – Brazil

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Dear Friend,  At our recent conference Paul Hagelgans spoke of his work in Eastern Europe with Bible Mission.  Also Brother Mak spoke of his work into China with China Tourist Ministries.  Both ministries use our literature and we were so encouraged to hear of the size of these ministries and the number of Christians mobilized to reach many people with the Gospel.
Recently we heard of how the cults, Moslems and Hindus are using literature to promote their false gospels.  The Word of God reminds us that in the last days “… many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24: 11) Praise God we are involved in the work outlined in Matthew 24: 14: “… this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; …”
On  4th November we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of Gospels of John with Scripture and Gospel booklets for the work of India Bible Literature.  They continue to receive many requests for Gospel literature from all across this huge nation.
On 7th November we sent 60,000 Scripture calendars and 100,000 Gospel tracts to Mr and Mrs Clive Walker for their work in Panama.  last_contain_brazil_01 - Copy (2)

3 photos of a container of literature which arrived in November at our Interlink depot in Brazil.

On 6th November we shipped a container to Emmaus in Congo.  This container included a large number of Bible Educational Service booklets in the French language and also included over 300,000 copies of the recently published booklet “The Story that Matters” in French.  These booklets will be going to evangelistic organisations working alongside “Good Seed” International.
On 13th November we shipped the final container load of literature for the One-to-Ten Project to Bible Mission.  This included Gospel calendars in a number of central Asian languages for people working in Russia.  Please pray that this literature will all arrive safely at its destinations. All the previous containers have already arrived safely and the literature has cleared through customs.  Please pray that this final consignment will move quickly as well.
On 20th November we shipped a consignment of “Every Day with God” booklets and flashcard Bible lessons to Estonia.  The same day we sent 80,000 Scripture calendars to Mr Paul Williams for his work in Romania.
On 27th November we sent 14,000 “Every day with God” booklets, volumes 1 and 2, to Albania. Then we sent 60,000 Wonder Devotional booklets in the Hungarian language to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Hungary.
On 27th November we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of Gospels of John, Scripture booklets and Gospel tracts.  Most of this literature will be for the work of Soma Biblia working in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, but we have also included a consignment of Gospel tracts for Emmaus and for Child Evangelism Fellowship.
106Brother Clovis Nogueira (right) is a Brazilian Christian who belongs to the Assemblies of God, – he is zealous, devoted and very interested in personal evangelism using Scripture portions.  He is never afraid or embarrassed to approach strangers on the streets and share God’s love with them.  This friendly and experienced 92 year old Presbyter recalls with joy and gratitude the supernatural way with which the Lord has intervened in his life and how he was used to make His Word known to countless people in Brazil.
In 1974 Clovis – already a faithful Christian man – was facing a serious illness.  Since his condition was deteriorating and, knowing the Lord was powerful and merciful to make him whole, Clovis faithfully prayed to the Lord for his physical healing.  He promised the Lord that, if he recovered completely from the illness, he was going to dedicate the rest of his life to intense evangelistic work through a massive distribution of Bible literature.  The Lord heard his prayer.
Clovis thus made contact with different well known foreign missions notable for printing and distributing biblical literature.  At first Clovis received small packs of Bibles and tracts graciously sent by Trinitarian Bible Society.
By the early 1990s Clovis got to know Victor Cardoo.  Victor helped him with some literature and introduced him to Revival Movement Association.  He then started writing and asking for supplies of literature.  At first he got parcels and then he got consignments of literature packed into tea chests and shipped to Brazil.  Clovis knew that he was in possession of something very precious for the salvation of multitudes in Brazil.  He thus became the first Christian to distribute very large quantities of Revival Movement literature in Brazil.  last_contain_brazil_06 - Copy
From the beginning of his work in the mid 70’s he contacted pastors and evangelists from different denominations and shared with them the wonderful tools he had got for one to one evangelism.  For countless years pastors and evangelists keep coming to Clovis’ house (where he has established his own depot) to pick up what they needed to reach out to the lost using good Bible literature.
As the time went by Clovis had a more daring approach to his evangelistic ministry.  He gathered a team of 15 to 20 evangelists and selected poor villages and districts around the city of Guarulhos (near Sao Paulo) to be reached out to with God’s Word.  The plan was to drive a van to these places and, as soon as the team arrived, they started boldly to preach in open-air meetings and distribute quantities of biblical literature.  Each of those outreaches lasted from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every other Sunday for the last 25 years.
As Brother Clovis usually says, “Only God knows how many people got saved and have their names written in the Book of the Lamb” as a fruit of this hard work.  Certainly thousands and thousands of Brazilians had the opportunity to hear God’s message through Clovis’ bold ministry.  Revival Movement literature was critical for the fulfilment of this wonderful work that Clovis has led.  last_contain_brazil_07 - Copy
Among the interesting testimonies Clovis recalls from those days he highlights an experience he and his team had late one Sunday afternoon.  One member of the team felt an inner direction to go and visit a specific house at the end of the street.  They walked to the house, even though they had no idea who lives there.  The family received the team with a mix of joy and surprise.  As Clovis and his friends started sharing the Word with the family they were all engulfed in tears of brokenness as the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts.  Clovis and his fellow evangelists soon afterwards discovered that they had been received by a family of backslidden Christians.  That Sunday Clovis witnessed God’s mercy and faithfulness towards that poor family.  It was such a beautiful opportunity of repentance, confession of sins and humbling of hearts before the Lord.
In 2004, 30 years after Clovis’ prayer for healing Interlink Missionary Agency was set up by Revival Movement Association in order to distribute large quantities of literature in Brazil.  Clovis continues his ardent work for the Lord using Revival Movement Association tracts and booklets.  It was arranged that he would receive ten per cent of each container sent to Interlink which means that, from 2004 up until now, Clovis has received and shared an incredible volume of 75 Tonnes of Revival Movement Association literature.  As the staff working at Interlink can testify Clovis faithfully calls the office to remind them about his share of literature just before the arrival of each container load of literature from Northern Ireland.  He has never missed a single container!
Brazil certainly owes very much to this humble yet devoted Christian. Today at the age of 92 Clovis is not as active in evangelism as he used to be, but he keeps his unquenchable fire for missions and evangelism burning inside his heart.  He is always anxious and excited awaiting for the next container from Revival Movement Association.  Interviewed and written by Aramis de Barros.  conference_07
Interlink Missionary Agency (Revival Movement Association) in Brazil continues to mark its presence in some of the most important Christian Conferences in Brazil.  During October Interlink missionary, Aramis De Barros took hundreds of sample sets of literature to be distributed to the participants of the 30th Fiel Theological Conference when 2,000 people attended in the beautiful city of Aguas de Lindoia.  This is one of the most important theological conferences in South America with those attending coming from all over Brazil and other countries.
At the beginning of November, Interlink was invited to share and to present its ministry and literature during the national conference for kids Bible teachers in Sao Paulo City.  The Conference brought together about 200 participants coming from many different states and belonging to many different denominations in Brazil.  Interlink missionaries, Aramis De Barros and Daniel Araujo (as in photos) shared about the work of Interlink and its effort to produce good evangelistic literature and to make it available for evangelists throughout Brazil.  During this Conference over 70 kilos of children’s tracts and over 100 sets of children’s Bible lessons were distributed to the Christian teachers.  In this Conference we were able to see how much children’s literature is needed among evangelists and teachers in Brazil.  They just loved Revival Movement children’s tracts… Interlink.conference_03
USA – “Dear Sir, I am a pastor with a ministry in downtown Baltimore, USA.  There is a place called the Lexington Market – there are a lot of African Americans, with many problems due to drugs, alcohol, thieving, violence, people with disability and homelessness.  Our church is small, but there are people working in Lexington Market.  Starting from last year we continue to go there every Tuesday.
We use your tracts to spread the Gospel so there are a lot of people who are coming to Jesus.  We began to worship on the side of the street, praising and praying with the people. They really like the tracts and, since we have a variety of them, we use them well.  We got 14 different tracts last time, so can we get 700 of each?  I really need them.  We continue to pray for your ministry.  This December we will be travelling to Harlem, New York.  We are planning to spread the Gospel there and bring people to God.  In Jesus, Pastor Insang Na.Oct 14. 3 - Copy
NAMIBIA – “Dear friends, For the month of October we decided to reach out to the students and people in other towns.  We focused on the town of Okakarara.  This is a small town in Otjozondjupa region, about 100 kilometres from us.  The Secondary school was the prime target since we wanted to get as many Gospels as possible to the students before the schools close.  We also gave some of the booklets to youth leaders from other churches to give to their members, particularly the youth.  As usual the students received the literature with much zeal to such an extent that most of them were willing to help distribute the booklets – and even taking some for their family members.  The matron of Okakarara Secondary school pledged to partner with us in the distribution of the books … EHC Namibia

During November we took delivery of over 110 Tonnes of literature at a cost of £75,600.00.  Please pray for all the financial needs. We would like to thank our friends for all of their support during the past year we trust that they will have a Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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