Brave Esther’s legacy helps transform lives in Haiti

By karen

The I Witness exhbition by Christian Aid is on display in St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.

The I Witness exhbition by Christian Aid is on display in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.

St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, is hosting an exhibition by Christian Aid showing the impact a legacy or memory gift can have on people across the world.

The ‘I Witness’ exhibition powerfully portrays how legacies, including one from a young girl who died of cancer, have helped rebuild lives in Haiti, a country which was devastated by an earthquake almost five years ago.

When Esther Childress dictated her Will, she thought not of herself, but of all the children in the world who did not have the support she did. Esther left to charities some of the money she had saved for the university she would never live to attend.

Part of Christian Aid’s I Witness exhibition.

Christian Aid was one of the organisations to benefit from Esther’s selflessness and the charity honoured her wishes for a fairer world by using the money to transform lives in Haiti.

The impact of Esther’s legacy, and the legacy of other families, can be viewed in this moving and thought-provoking exhibition in the ambulatory at St Anne’s.

It is an appropriate setting for the exhibition. In the wake of the earthquake, the Cathedral community and …read more

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