CITI Ordinands Commissioned as Student Readers

By Lynn Glanville

CITI Student Readers

Twelve student ordinands have been commissioned as student readers at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute by Archbishop Michael Jackson.

Philip Bryson (Connor), Jonathan McFarland (Connor), Peter Munce (Connor), Rebecca Guildea (Dublin and Glendalough), Danielle McCullagh
(Connor), Stuart Moles (Connor), Geoff Hamilton (Down and Dromore), Nigel Cairns (Derry and Raphoe), Simom Scott (Dublin and Glendalough), Mark Gallagher
(Armagh), Lucy Burden (Connor) and Chris St John (Down and Dromore) were commissioned during the Community Eucharist in the Institute Chapel.

In his sermon, Archbishop Jackson said it was important that people be commissioned to serve, challenge,
obey and experiment in and from tradition in a spirit of holiness and dynamic of grace.

He focused on the word ‘Commissioning’. “Commissioning is an interesting word to unpick.
Co–Mission–ing seem to me to express the three parts of this word and these parts draw us into the idea of sending and being sent out together with others.
Connection and commitment are vital to this understanding of discipleship and ministry. And mission, therefore, forms the core of ministry,” he said.

He also said that mission had to be aggressive – not in the modern sense of the word but meaning that it had to be active in going towards those who are …read more

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