The Commissioning Service of Mr Greg Nelson

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Greg Nelson Crown Jesus Ministries

Tonight (28th November 2014) is the Crown Jesus Ministries Commissioning Service for our first evangelist in the Republic of Ireland. We are so very excited to welcome Greg Nelson into our team as an evangelist.

Please pray for Greg and his family as he is commissioned tonight in his home church in Co Monaghan. If you are free please consider joining with us at 7.30pm in Ballyalbany Church.

His first day working with us in our Monaghan office will be 7th January 2015. Ironically , the same day as Elim celebrate 100 years since they began under the leadership of evangelist George Jeffreys in Co Monaghan also.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the work and vision of Crown Jesus Ministries, we are stronger today because of your prayers and support.

‘To see the people of Ireland Crown Jesus Lord of their lives.’


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