New Publication Asks If Church Has Role In Decade Of Historic Commemorations

Meath & Kildare

Does the Church have any relevant role as we journey through a decade of historic commemorations in Ireland? This is the subject of Moving Beyond The Pale; Church and the Decade of Commemorations, a new publication by Earl Storey. The publication and the research behind it was supported by the Community Relations Council which has been working with a range of partners to explore ways in which communities can come together to revisit and reflect upon the key events that shaped the current cultural and political landscape. As a key part of community life the Community Relations Council believes that Churches have a positive role to play in addressing the issues of our shared history.

The years 1912 to 1922 saw historical events on these islands, the memory of which has burrowed deep into our sense of identity and psyche. Whether we are talking about the fault line of civil war politics, the resonances of the Easter Rising or the sacrifices of The Somme the effects are still felt today. They put something in the DNA of our psyches, sense of identity and how we relate to one another in the here and now.

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