Bishop Ken Good Condemns The Latest Threats Of Violence

Derry & Raphoe

The Rt Revd Ken Good, Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry & Raphoe, has strongly condemned the latest threats of violence:

‘At any time it is completely unacceptable that any group should choose to resort to bullying threats of violence and even murder. It is particularly jarring as we approach Christmas, the festive season of peace and goodwill.’

The bishop added: ‘There can be no place in this society for blinkered dogmatism which threatens violence to pursue its ends. In this city and community there is a groundswell of opposition against these outrageous tactics.’

Bishop Good has urged those issuing the threats to find a political outlet to voice their concerns. ‘To argue a case or advance a cause, the way forward is to engage in the democratic process.’

Derry & Raphoe

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