St George’s and St Anne’s swap choirs!

By karen

Some of choristers from St George's Parish who will be singing in St Anne's Cathedral on November 23.

Some of choristers from St George’s Parish who will be singing in St Anne’s Cathedral on November 23.

St George’s Parish Church, Belfast, and St Anne’s Cathedral will be doing a ‘choir swap’ on Sunday November 23.

The choir of St George’s, led by Director of Music Dr Emma Gibbins, will sing in the Cathedral at the 11am and 3.30pm services, while the choir of St Anne’s will travel to High Street to sing at the services in St George’s.

Dr Gibbons said her choir always enjoys the challenge of a new venue, organ and acoustics, and goes on tour every summer.

The setting of St Anne’s won’t be a completely new experience for the St George’s choristers as they sang Fauré’s Requiem jointly with the St Anne’s Choir in the Cathedral a couple of years ago.

The St George’s choir that will sing on November 23 will comprise boy trebles and 15-20 adult men.

“Music is a very important part of church life and liturgy,” said Dr Gibbins. “The choir sings every Sunday and on special occasions during the week. It will be a great experience for the boys to visit and adjust to the Cathedral, and the congregation of St George’s is looking forward …read more

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