Mesmerised by messy women in Belfast South

By Magheragall Methodist Church

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Tonight in Belfast South Methodist Church a large audience listened mesmerised to the stories of five messy women of the Bible, brought to life with consummate skill by biblical storyteller, Wendy Johnston. The stories were not dramatised or paraphrased; Wendy told them exactly as they are told in Scripture. Indeed, her performance included several repetitions of that most difficult of passages, the genealogy of Jesus – designed to highlight the names of five women who appear in that genealogy: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary.

Wendy, who describes herself amongst other things as ‘a lover of words, a wife and mum to three beautiful souls…..and a messy woman’ inhabited the stories she told, causing her listeners to marvel afresh at the way God had taken the lives and experiences of these women of the Bible and woven them into his purposes. Her delivery was exquisite – with simple gestures, facial expression and beautifully modulated variations in pace, tone, and volume bringing out the meaning.

This was the first time that Wendy has ever delivered such an extended and demanding programme. A student at the Academy for Biblical Storytelling, attached to the Network of Biblical Storytellers International, she was spurred to …read more

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