Electronic Version of The Evangelical Presbyterian Sep-Oct 2014 – Now Available

By EPC The PDF of the September-October issue of The Evangelical Presbyterian is available here. Articles include:

  • First Word – The unknown warrior
  • Let’s go deeper – The Sinlessness of Christ – Trevor Kane
  • The Evolution Controversy – Understanding the Biology – Robert Beckett
  • EPC Spain Outreach Team 2014
  • Knock Summer Outreach Team 2014
  • Changes at the top? – John Grier
  • The Path to Eternal Life – Robert Johnston
  • The Return of Christ (Part 11: What happens to us if we die before Jesus returns?)
  • Obituary – Thomas Ball
  • Book Reviews
  • Dear Rev.

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Read the full article here: http://www.epcni.org.uk/News/News.php?id=5151699925710308123

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