Soul Waves Radio interview with Dean Stacey for Remembrance Sunday

Dean Stacey in St Patrick's

Paul Loughlin of Soul Waves Radio has interviewed Dean Victor Stacey (pictured right)ahead of the Remembrance Sunday Service from St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

One hundred and four years ago on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the Armistice between the Allies and the Germans came into effect and the Great War was over. It had lasted four years and had claimed the lives of 37 million men, women and children. This year, 2014, we have been marking the outbreak of that war and remembering the many Irish casualties. This Sunday (9 November 2014) is Remembrance Sunday which has been marked mainly in Protestant Churches up and down the island. As the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, St. Patrick’s in Dublin has taken on the role of remembrance since 1919.

While RTE Radio has broadcast Remembrance Sunday services in the past, RTE Television for the first time is broadcasting it live at 3.15, the usual time of Evensong at the Cathedral. The Dean of St. Patrick’s, the Very Reverend Victor Stacey described the service to Paul Loughlin:

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