First Female Bishop Receives New Crozier

Meath & Kildare

Bishop Pat Storey receives new crozier from Mr Robert Dier – during Harvest Service in Kentstown (Navan Union of Parishes).

The Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath and Kildare, Bishop Pat Storey has been presented with a beautiful new wooden crozier. Made by Mr Robert Dier, a member of Navan Union of Parishes, he presented it to her as a gift from the Navan Union of Parishes at an October Harvest Service in Kentstown.

Since Bishop Pat took up her role as Bishop of Meath and Kildare in November 2014 she has used a very fine diocesan crozier. It was originally designed for use by a 6 foot four inch male.

A Bishop’s crozier, known as the pastoral staff, from the Latin pastor or shepherd, is shaped like a shepherd’s crook. A bishop carries this staff as a symbol of their role as a ‘shepherd of the flock of God’.

Bishop Pat said “I am deeply moved not only by the beauty of this new crozier but also by the thought and care that Bob Dier brought to its creation.” As he presented the crozier Mr Dier described how the various timbers demonstrated the continuity of links within the Dioceses from the 1700’s …read more

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