Disability Awareness Sunday 2014: Changing Perceptions, Making Changes


The third Sunday in November – which this year falls on Sunday 16th November 2014 – is designated as Disability Awareness Sunday and the Church of Ireland’s Working Group on Disability (chaired by the Revd Jennifer McWhirter, prictured right) feels it is an appropriate moment to highlight some useful statistics relating to disability across the island of Ireland. These remind us both of various different types of disability that might be present in congregations and that not all disabilities are immediately obvious.

The Working Group not only aims to make people think beyond disability and towards access for all but also seeks to make people aware of key issues involved in ensuring that churches are as accessible and welcoming as possible both physically and in their culture. Churches and church–based organisations can do much to meet people’s worshipping, pastoral and social needs on an inclusive basis and indeed over recent years church buildings across the island have undergone various changes for the better, from modifications to make them wheelchair accessible to providing handrails on entrance steps, for example. Further improvements could include providing disabled parking spaces or installing a loop system where there isn’t one. Churches and halls should …read more

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