Renowned Trauma Expert To Give “Expert” Talk In St Anne”s

St Anne's Belfast

Talking about her profession is second nature to Dr Marion Gibson, who is renowned worldwide for her work in psychological trauma management.

But anyone who attends Dr Gibson’s Autumn Talk at St Anne’s at lunchtime on 12 November can look forward to something Dr Gibson admits will be quite unique.

Learning through experience has been the basis for Dr Gibson’s professional life, and since she became a parishioner of St Anne’s in 1975, the Cathedral has played a role in her life and work.

Over the years, Dr Gibson has converted learning into practice to provide psychosocial support to individuals and communities in the aftermath of traumatic incidents in their lives worldwide.

Dr Gibson was born in Larne and brought up in Belfast. Following a year as a student nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, she joined her late husband Tom in his parish in Liverpool Diocese. On returning to Down and Dromore Diocese in 1961 she worked in all aspects of parish life including community support in the front line of the ‘Troubles’ for 15 years, supporting those traumatised by terrorism in an interface area of Belfast. Tom was rector of St Clements, east Belfast, and a Canon of St Anne’s.

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