Lighting candles in the darkness – November editorial

By Magheragall Methodist Church


As the clocks go back, November looks set to be a sombre month with darkening days and darker headlines. We will remember all those who have lost their lives in war – with a particular focus on the tragedy of the First World War in its anniversary year. It seems sadly inevitable that there will be dark medical news of more lives lost to the deadly Ebola virus that is causing misery in West Africa and presents a global threat.

In her November Bible Study column, Shirley Alexander focuses on Psalm 10 and considers how we respond to the darkness of evil. She refers to a cartoon where a man inquires of God: ‘Why do you allow so much suffering in the world?’ God replies, ‘I was about to ask you the same question?’

Why do we allow so much suffering in the world? One answer, implicit in the Rev Dr Richard Clutterbuck’s lectionary notes on Matthew 25: 31-46 is that people are blind to both the presence of Christ in the face of human need and to the face of Christ in the presence of human need. ‘Neither the sheep nor the goats have recognised Jesus when he has been …read more

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