Diocesan Board of Education Welcomes New Minister but Urges Action on Teacher Morale

By Lynn Glanville

John Aiken

The appointment of Deputy Jan O’Sullivan as Minister for Education and Skills has been welcomed by the Dublin and Glendalough Board of Education. Speaking to propose the board’s report at Diocesan Synod earlier this week, John Aiken, Deputy Head of the King’s Hospital, said he hoped Minister O’Sullivan would have a better grasp of the issues facing Protestant schools than her predecessors.

Mr Aiken said the Minister’s presence at the General Synod Board of Education’s conference for second level schools last month and at the start of year service afterwards in St Patrick’s Cathedral gave hope as did her statement on the importance of Protestant education.

Those who set up Temple Carrig School in Greystones were praised and congratulated on the early appointment of an RE teacher. Mr Aiken thanked the previous Minister for Education and those in the Department of Finance for their contribution to the project.

He welcomed the modest increase in the Block Grant and thanked David Wynne for his work in this regard.

However, Mr Aiken said that the cuts and pupil teacher ratios would not be restored. He referred to the Minister’s statement that the quality of teachers would have a greater impact on children’s …read more

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